Yes, The SBL Really is Charging People to Use Audio Visual Equipment

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And seems unbending in the decision.   So since they’re holding fast to what really is an exorbitant and extortion-ic rental fee I’m willing to let an interested person who has no access to a digital projector use mine.  You’ll have to get it from me in Atlanta by Saturday morning and you’ll have to make arrangements to have it sent back to me immediately at the conclusion of SBL.  But I’d rather loan it out and let people make presentations without being charged an absurd fee than stand by quietly while SBL gets rental fees from multiple presenters in single sessions merely because it can.

I imagine there will be (and there really should be) serious discussion of such ‘fees’ (let’s call them the ‘Temple Tax’) before the 2011 meeting in San Francisco.  Indeed, perhaps people should simply refuse to use any materials the SBL wishes to ‘rent out’ and bring their own if the SBL stands by this policy in the future.

The SBL is supposed to be an academic association of biblical scholars.  As such, the fees we already pay to attend meetings should cover all such incidental costs.

Or, if budgetary cuts are needed or funds realloted, perhaps the numerous booze filled reception sessions could be scaled back so that presenters can use the proper equipment in rooms not filled by hung-over congress-ees.

My sarcasm aside- it truly is disappointing that the SBL is charging for things at the Annual meeting what no other conference organizers add to the already high cost of attending such things.

4 thoughts on “Yes, The SBL Really is Charging People to Use Audio Visual Equipment

  1. I have no dog in this fight, but from my own experience and that of my wife, professional organizations should have use of the a/v equipment the venue has (and they should have such equipment if they do conventions and conferences) as part of the rental.


  2. Of course… but if this means less boring Powerpoint slides full of small print text… maybe it’s a really good idea and just a roundabout way of curing Powerpointitus? If so I think they should double the fee 😉


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