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Duke’s Totally Depraved Frat Brats

Duke University fraternities Sigma Nu and Alpha Delta Phi ended what was a difficult month for the school by sending out derogatory and insulting Halloween invitations to female guests. The Duke Chronicle reports that the emails, which include the phrases … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas, For Wall Street, While Main Street Gets a Lump of Coal

Things have really gotten better since the election… Bill Gross will be one of the few to benefit from the Federal Reserve’s announcement this afternoon. The legendary money manager, who oversees more than $1.2 trillion at Pacific Investment Management Co., … Continue reading

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Moronic Comment of the Day

Though I didn’t approve it for posting (because rank stupidity is more offensive to me than sausages are to the SBL), the following comment arrived today- Which of the seven churches of revelations is extant? That would be none, good … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: ‘The Myth of the Reformation’

The conference will take place June 8th–10th, 2011, in Zurich and will be hosted by the Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte. The next conferences are scheduled for Oslo, May 10th–12th, 2012 and Berlin, May 16th–18th, 2013. Topic RefoRG Conference 2011: The … Continue reading

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The Logos Press Release Concerning their SBL Greek New Testament

I discussed my perspective on it back at the end of October.  I’ve since downloaded the BibleWorks 8 version and think it quite useful; though, so far as classical textual criticism is concerned, the SBL Greek New Testament is, again, … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Mark Stevens…

[NB- this hasn’t happened to Mark yet, so don’t get worked up- but it will one day…  I just know it.] Caffeine — the seemingly benign stimulant found in coffee, energy drinks, soda and even chocolate — has been implicated … Continue reading

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I Really Want to Slap Her… Oh I Mean I REALLY Want to…

Remember the little 10 year old promiscuous child in Spain who gave birth a few days ago? Well guess what… instead of being dismayed or sad or shocked or overwhelmed or befuddled, the mother of the 10 year old is … Continue reading

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Bloggers Go Shopping… Shocking!

It’s not even Saturday and some of your favorite bloggers have already hit the stores.  Wishing to avoid the weekend rush I suppose.

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Stones, Bones, Texts and Relevance Or, How I Lost my Fear of Biblical Archaeology and Started Enjoying It

That’s the title of an essay by our own Aren Maeir in Historical Biblical Archaeology and the Future: The New Pragmatism, ed. T. Levy. London: Equinox. Aren was nice enough to send a copy and now I’m off to read … Continue reading

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How Can I Transliterate All Those Weird Diacriticals in Ancient Near Eastern Languages?

Here’s how.

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Oh I Want One!!!!

Click to Connect (with thanks to James Spinti for the oblique reference) The big question for the Eisenbraunians is- will they be available at ASOR? The gods gather together to drink, Yarihu drinks himself under the table, and ‘Ilu is … Continue reading

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More ‘Science Doesn’t Know What It’s Talking About’ News

I’m constantly, constantly amused how science can pretend to be so sure of things that happened millions of years ago and yet it can’t manage to decide if something like fish oil is good or bad for alzheimers patients. Does … Continue reading

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The iron anchors from the Tantura F shipwreck: typological and metallurgical analyses

The latest issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science includes an essay by Yuval Goren (and others) titled as above. The abstract reads thusly- The Tantura F shipwreck was discovered in 1995 in Dor (Tantura) lagoon, about 70 m offshore. … Continue reading

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Islam’s Radical’s War on Christianity

Al-Qaida’s front group in Iraq has threatened more attacks on Christians following a bloody siege at a Baghdad church that left 58 people dead, saying that the “killing sword will not be lifted” from their necks. The Islamic State of … Continue reading

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Oh Guess What!?!?! They’ve Discovered Something Else in Egypt!!!!

    Like clockwork, every month or so, Egypt manages to ‘discover’ something new (to stir interest and generate tourism).  This month is no different.  This time, it’s … wait for it…  it’s tremendously exciting….  a wall! A routine excavation … Continue reading

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Iowa Has Some Sensible People

Iowa voters have voted to remove three state Supreme Court justices, siding with conservatives angered by a ruling that allowed gay marriage. The vote Tuesday was the first time Iowa voters have removed a Supreme Court justice since the current … Continue reading

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California, I’m Surprised at You!

First, you rejected recreational pot (!), which really surprises me.  But don’t worry, one of your judges will overturn your will.  After all, they did the same thing when you rejected gay marriage too.  So fear not pot heads, there’s … Continue reading

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The Election’s Big Winners!

Not you.

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