Good Lord

That’s all I can think to say. Good Lord.

A 10-year-old girl has given birth in southern Spain and authorities are evaluating whether to let her and her family retain custody of the baby, an official said Tuesday. The baby was born last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Micaela Navarro, the Andalusia region’s social affairs minister. Navarro told reporters the father of the baby is also a minor, and both the mother and the baby were in good health. Her department declined to give details, including the sex of the baby, but said authorities do not consider this a case of rape and that no criminal investigation is under way. Under Spanish law, having consensual sex with someone under age 13 is classified as child abuse, an official with the Spanish Justice Ministry in Madrid said. But this particular case is complicated by the fact that the father of the baby is also a minor and it is not clear if he could be charged, the official said.

10 years old. Good Lord.  The sickness has plunged to the depths of childhood- the sickness of sexual promiscuity.  As if the problem of teen pregnancy wasn’t bad enough, now 9 year olds are engaging in sex and reaping the consequences at 10.  The sickness which everyone ignores- promiscuity.  The sickness which is so pervasive that now it’s just acceptable- sexual promiscuity.  While disturbing, the fact that a 10 year old has given birth isn’t (sadly) surprising.  What is surprising is that it isn’t happening more.  Because the sickness- sexual promiscuity- is no longer viewed as something wrong.  But, alas.  It is wrong.  It’s sin.  It’s yet another manifestation of total depravity.

Another Quote of the Day

What I saw on the ballot today was the ‘best’ my State has to offer. The decent people aren’t wealthy enough to run or crooked enough to stab enough backs to get to the top of the ladder. — Jeremy Thompson

Bill O’Reilly is A Vile Human Being

And I know it because if he had even a shred of decency he wouldn’t even JEST about people committing suicide.  If suicide had touched his life as it has touched the lives of so many of us, he would never even consider saying such stupid, insensitive, moronic, and evil things.

Bill O’Reilly issued a “viewer warning” for children not to watch MSNBC after the midterm elections because some of the network’s staff might kill themselves on the air. Speaking to Juan Williams on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” the Fox News host said that he was interested to find out what the reaction to the midterms — where Democrats are widely predicted to suffer major losses in Congress — would be in the Democratic party and amongst “liberal commentators.” He then turned to MSNBC, where he jokingly said some people might be so distraught that they would be driven to extreme action: “I am going to issue a viewer warning right now for children to not watch MSNBC, because some people may commit suicide, alright? They may set themselves on fire over there, and it would be gruesome to watch that.”

O’Reilly is a truly vile and despicable human being.  That Fox didn’t fire him immediately just proves, as if proof were needed, that it has neither ethics nor morals nor even common sense.

A Very Pressing Question, It Seems to Me

Chris Tilling writes

If historicity is vital (and the Word, as John puts it, did become Flesh – not a text), then is there not a problem for Christology, even one that simply sits humbly before the canonical texts, because of the sometimes either-or nature of Christology in terms of the John vs. Synoptic differences?

Now that’s a question that will take more than 5 minutes of pondering to answer.  Read Chris’s entire post- it’s remarkably brief (in contrast to that ridiculously long book by Campbell that’s now see it’s 12th review segment on Tilling’s blog, and he’s barely up to page 3!)  😉

In Spite of the Horrifying Potential Consequences…

Americans are going to the polls today.

Despite the very real threat of electing the 112th Congress, millions of courageous Americans lined up at their polling places today and put their right to vote above the awful possibility of sending a politician to represent them in Washington. “I was afraid the moment I showed up to vote, and now that I’ve cast my ballot, I’m even more terrified,” said Kentucky resident Mary Buchanan, who ran to her car and drove home immediately after exercising her constitutional right. “But I knew I had to face my fear and participate in our democracy, even if my actions could lead to electing another U.S. senator.” The day was not without tragedy, however, as the choice between voting for incumbent Harry Reid and challenger Sharron Angle left 20 Americans dead and injured 13 at a Carson City, NV polling place.

There’s no country on the planet with braver citizens.  Who else would elect Congress?  Who else would choose Politicians like those in America to ‘represent’ them?  No one.  Believe me… no one…

[Via Michael Ensley on FB]

Scott’s Thoughts; and Yes, Scott, Ed Young is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

And that’s why he’s one of the darlings of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He’s much sought after and longed for among all those Baptists who believe bigger is better and ‘the bigger the Church the more God has to be pleased with it, right preacher?’  But he’s nothing more than a self enriching wolf eating the sheep with ever new and sophisticated schemes.

His latest, of getting direct access to church members’ banking info, is just that, his latest.  He’s a money schemer and always has been.

I actually feel sorry for his congregation.  They’ve been suckered.  And robbed.  Scott tells one and all how.

Ed Young, a SBC pastor (Jim?) tries to coerce and manipulate his congregation into giving him their account and routing numbers so they can automatically withdraw their tithes. How long before he gets the idea from Schuller for the double tithe? Triple tithe anyone? … Young has been the focus of a media investigation this past year for his lavish lifestyle. He has a million dollar condo in Florida, a 10 thousand square foot mansion in Dallas, a private plane he leases for ‘ministry trips’, a parsonage payment of over a 1/4 million dollars a year. Some of his assets are listed at The Museum of Idolatry. Young is a health and wealth teacher. Attendence (sic) at his Fellowship Church has dropped off about 50% since WFAA aired it’s report.

Watch the wolf in action-

Scott’s right to denounce such wickedness. Now if Southern Baptists would just come out into the sunlight from their dark caves of ignorance concerning Young’s demonic methodology and goals, then perhaps he will be defanged and rendered powerless.

Tim Bulkeley: On the ‘End of Biblical Studies’ Debate

Tim’s essay for Bible and Interpretation is very much worth looking at.  I tend to agree with his assessment, which he summarizes thusly-

What is needed is a frank recognition that there are two (related but different) disciplines studying the biblical texts. Then their practitioners need to identify more clearly what they do similarly and what they do differently. In such an environment, discussion of whether any, all, or no religious study of Scripture is scholarly might be possible without a slinging match. But that, of course, is not the world we live in, so we will no doubt continue to read abusive missives aimed from one set of trenches to another in the religious, as in the historical, wars.

However, unlike Tim, I don’t see this ‘war’ as a bad thing.  In fact, I see it as a necessity.  There are, clearly and obviously, two camps.  If Avalos is followed, and if he is allowed to utter his pontifications without opposition, it will simply be another example in a long series of examples of the Church lying down and playing dead.  That approach (the approach of quiet acceptance and disengagement) has gone on too long.  And it hasn’t worked either!

Similarly, to add a biblical dimension to a discussion of biblical studies, I would caution – in the words of Jeremiah – ‘beware of those who say ‘peace, peace’ when there is, in fact, no peace at all.’  It sounds nice to encourage civility (that’s certainly the way Neville Chamberlain approached Hitler) – but untruth is unworthy of such civility- or respect.  Civility is sometimes, you see, nothing but quiet surrender, and even fearfulness and unwillingness to engage.

Christian biblical scholars and theologians ought to act like it.  The atheists are certainly acting like they are atheists!  Why should they be allowed the ‘freedom’ to be themselves while Christians are encouraged to be ‘academic’ without being believers?  It’s a silly double standard that no one should abide by.

Atiqot (the Publication of the Israel Antiquities Authority) Is Now Online, In English

As Arutz Sheva reports-

Atiqot [“Antiquities”] the leading journal of the Israel Antiquities Authority, is now available online in English, with the first edition dedicated to the excavations and surveys. Articles published in Atiqot are the result of the numerous salvage excavations conducted each year on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, which are frequently surprising in their importance, filling in gaps that could not be understood by the localized studies of the renowned tells. The journal represents the most encompassing research on the region and its connections with the neighboring countries. The online edition of ‘Atiqot is published for the convenience of researchers and archaeology lovers worldwide, and the articles are available free of charge both in Hebrew and English.

You can go to Atiqot directly here.

Avoid Mexico

After the Rain

For your own safety, stay away from there.

Four U.S. citizens were shot to death in separate attacks in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexican authorities said Monday. Chihuahua state prosecutors’ spokesman Arturo Sandoval said Edgar Lopez, 35, of El Paso, Texas, was killed Sunday along with two Mexican men when gunmen opened fire on a group standing outside a house. On Saturday, a 26-year-old U.S. woman and an American boy were slain shortly after crossing an international bridge from El Paso. Giovanna Herrera and Luis Araiza, 15, were shot to death along with a Mexican man traveling with them just after 11 a.m., Sandoval said. Sandoval said authorities also identified a 24-year-old woman killed Friday inside a tortilla shop as Lorena Izaguirre, a U.S. citizen and El Paso resident. A Mexican man was also found dead in the store.

It is not safe and the government is utterly incapable of doing anything to change the situation. Mexico- make it a non-destination and let your children keep their parents.

Iraq’s War on Christianity

Imagine the outcry, worldwide, if 66 mosques in the United States or Britain or 66 Synagogues had been attacked, and many destroyed,  by Christians!  So why has there been virtually nothing, nothing at all, said about the ruination of 66 churches in Iraq?

I hadn’t heard a word about such widespread insanity until Stuart pointed out this horrifying report today.

66 churches have been attacked or bombed since June, 2004: 41 in Baghdad, 19 in Mosul, 5 in Kirkuk and 1 in Ramadi. The following is a list of the bombings.  Click here for pictures of bombed churches. Last updated on November 2, 2010. For a report on the persecution of Assyrians in Iraq, see Incipient Genocide: The Ethnic Cleansing of the Assyrians of Iraq.

I am beyond disgusted.  Jews would be protesting.  Muslims would be rioting.  Christians are sipping tea.

Did a Baghdad Police Commander Have Something to Do With The Church Massacre?

The Washington Post is reporting

Iraqi authorities are holding a police commander for questioning in connection with this week’s deadly attack on a Catholic church in Baghdad. The police commander was detained on Tuesday under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s orders.

The only reason to detain and question a person is because there is suspicion of involvement or dereliction of duty. If it turns out that a police commander knew of or had part in or facilitated to this attack, there will be – well let’s face it – no consequences of any substance. Unfortunately.

A Radio Special on the Life of Ehud Netzer

LandMinds will conduct a 2 hour program from 6-8 [on Wednesday, November 3] honoring the memory and legacy of Prof. Ehud Netzer, whose tragic loss is still fresh. At this time, scheduled guests include the following scholars from the Hebrew University- Dr Guy Stiebel 6:00-6;30; Prof Zev Weiss 6:30-7:00, and Prof Lee Levine 7:30-8:00. Other components and interviewees are in process.

This is an advance notice for those who would like to hear the live show or call in: From Israel 1- 800 -270 428, from North America 1 800 270 4288. The program will then be made available as a podcast.

via Barnea Levi Selavan

Quote of the Day

The following conversation took place between Louise Hitchcock and her husband-


The guy you voted for today- when he's alone


Me: it looks like Rand Paul is going to win. Do you know who that is? Hub: No. Me: He’s the son of Ron Paul. Hub: Isn’t he a drag queen? Me: No, that’s Rue Paul. Hub: What’s the difference, they’re all running from something.

Via Loiuse on FB.

A 6 Year Old Girl Can be Sued…

… over accusations she ran over an elderly woman with her training bicycle when she was 4 years old, a New York

The 4 year old's deadly weapon of choice...

Supreme Court justice has ruled.

More judicial stupidity. Doomed. We’re just doomed. Head for the Canadian hills friends, the United States is utterly doomed…

The ruling by King’s County Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten stems from an incident in April 2009 when Juliet Breitman and Jacob Kohn, both aged four, struck an 87-year-old pedestrian, Claire Menagh, with their training bikes. Menagh underwent surgery for a fractured hip and died three months later. In a ruling made public late Thursday, the judge dismissed arguments by Breitman’s lawyer that the case should be dismissed because of her young age. He ruled that she is old enough to be sued and the case can proceed.

That makes it sound like the little kids were demons hell bent on running over a little old woman doesn’t it. But what if they were just riding along and the little old lady, not paying attention, walked out in front of them, fell while trying to evade them, and then passed away shortly after (as many do after such falls)?

Suing a 4 year old (now 6)… It’s insane.  The judge probably got his little toe run over when he was a tot and has burned with rage ever since and now he’s gotten his opportunity to get even.

What Do Some Californians Use their Welfare Money For? Psychics, of Course

And that’s why the Governor has banned use of welfare cards for psychic readings and pot and bingo and tattoos.

The Psychic Dentist...

Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger says welfare recipients can no longer use state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics and other businesses whose services have been deemed “inconsistent with the intent” of the program. The Los Angeles Times reports that Schwarzenegger sent a letter to county welfare directors Monday announcing that ATMS and point-of-sale card readers in such businesses will be removed from the network that accepts California’s Electronic Benefits Transfer cards. Other businesses affected by the ban include bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships and tattoo parlors.

The interesting thing here is that at some point some dope went into a tattoo parlor and said ‘hey dude, ink me with the face of Lindsay Lohan, and here’s my welfare card’ and the tat artist said ‘no problem brother’. And some ‘psychic’ did the same thing.

At this point I can’t help but remember Paul’s sage advice to the Thessalonians: ‘If they won’t work, let them starve’. People who use public funds for psychic readings and tattoos and bingo don’t deserve public funds because none of those things are even remotely connected with health or wellness. Let Californians who use public monies for such mindless trivialities starve. When they get hungry enough, maybe they’ll reconsider their wasteful idiocy.

Big News in Sports!

Chris Tilling's Tat

Apparently last night the New York Giants beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the Ryder Cup!  Well done, all you basketball players and congrats to the fans who invested time and interest in the very exciting 12 game playoff!