Those Poor Swiss Tourists and the Vile Treatment they Received

Imagine paying over $1000 for an idyllic wedding on a pristine Maldivian beach only to be debased verbally by vile inhabitants. That’s what happened to a couple of Swiss tourists.

The Maldivian government has apologised to a European couple abused as “swine” and “infidels” during what was supposed to be a romantic renewal of wedding vows in the Indian Ocean archipelago. The Maldivian ambassador in Geneva conveyed to the couple the government’s “profound and heartfelt apologies,” the government said Saturday. “Ambassador Iruthisham Adam from the Maldives embassy in Geneva personally telephoned the couple, who asked to remain anonymous, on Friday to extend the government’s profound and heartfelt apologies,” a statement said. A video of the ceremony said to have taken place on October 11, during which the hapless couple were taunted and subjected to insulting and religious-tinged abuse, was posted on YouTube two weeks later. The video has sparked fears for the country’s tourism-dependent economy.

The moral? Don’t let anyone perform any ceremony in a language you don’t understand.

One thought on “Those Poor Swiss Tourists and the Vile Treatment they Received

  1. Doug 30 Oct 2010 at 1:25 pm

    The other moral is: don’t let the video stay up on YouTube.


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