A ‘Halloween’ Gift for Men

Let the uber-hyper-ultimately-oversensitive-humorless feminist carping begin.

15 thoughts on “A ‘Halloween’ Gift for Men

  1. Jim, I guess the male equivalent (which many women might applaud…) would be a man with a permanently stuck zipper on his pants…


  2. mind you the Mrs next door could do with a mute button and the inventor should win a Nobel Prize. She made the Mr get up at 4am and ordered him to take up the bricks outside my window, brush wash and dry each one. They had a raucous row about it but he duly obliged. Clicketty clack, clip clop, whoosh whoosh, sppppp, clicketty clack, clip clop…. She screamed orders throughout the procedure … and as I didn’t have a mute button for her I treated them both to Leonard Cohen instead. 🙂


  3. They call it ‘middle england’ here – at home we just call it ‘the english’. The most entertaining thing, is that they’re both slightly (alot) overweight, and watching them bustle around with their bottoms sticking out, is quite a scream. But why did she make him put the bricks, two by two, in the garage, then take them out two by two in order to clean them? And what’s worse, is that I think next Sunday morning they will be putting them back in the driveway… I do wish they were Christian because then they might go to Church and worship the creator of bricks instead of the bricks…


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