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Abuse Destroys Abuser and Abused

This story makes that woefully, painfully, dreadfully, and unmistakeably plain- William Lynch’s life spiraled out of control in the 35 years since he alleges he and his brother were molested by a Jesuit priest: He struggled with depression, had nightmares … Continue reading

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Looks Like They Had A Pretty Good Turnout at the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’

That’s Joel Watts third from the left.  Now that the rally’s over, everything can return to normal and the government can go on about its business utterly indifferent to the wishes, wants, desires, and ideas of the vast majority of … Continue reading

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A ‘Halloween’ Gift for Men

Let the uber-hyper-ultimately-oversensitive-humorless feminist carping begin.

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A Very, Very Brief Piece of Advice to Every Person in the United States and Europe…

If you get a package from Yemen, don’t open it.

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Bibliobloggers Go Tricking

Our blogging colleagues are gearing up for Atlanta as well as trying out their costumes for this evening…  Be disturbed, be very disturbed.

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On Standing By Silently: Why It’s an Impossibility

Those who stand by silently when untruths are uttered or misinformation spread allow liars to set the agenda and frame the narrative.

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Reading for Reformation Day

From Reformiert-Info Der Reformationstag ist eine gute Gelegenheit, auf die Vielfalt reformatorischer Ansätze hinzuweisen. So sind Luther und Calvin bezüglich des vorletzten biblischen Buches ganz unterschiedlicher Meinung. Während Luther den Jakobusbrief “als stroherne Epistel” ansah, nennt Calvin ihn einen “Sprudel … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

According to the menu, the grapes aboard Air Force 1 are “vine picked.” No doubt far superior to regular grapes. – Ari Shapiro (I love that guy! He’s awfully witty)

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It Was Bound to Happen: Churches Canceling Services for Halloween

Halloween is on Sunday this year and unsurprisingly some churches are canceling their evening services so that the kids and their families can participate in the door to door beggery. Driving into Oak Ridge the other day I saw a … Continue reading

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If Terrorists Don’t Know Security Loopholes, The Press Will Happily Point them Out

Perhaps ABC and CNN and Fox and the other networks can just do a series of reports on all the aspects of American security that are lacking.  Post the list online too.  That way, instead of trying to figure it … Continue reading

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Those Poor Swiss Tourists and the Vile Treatment they Received

Imagine paying over $1000 for an idyllic wedding on a pristine Maldivian beach only to be debased verbally by vile inhabitants. That’s what happened to a couple of Swiss tourists. The Maldivian government has apologised to a European couple abused … Continue reading

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Sunday Is Reformation Day

Halloween?  That’s not a ‘holiday’- Reformation Day- now that’s a day worth noting.   Reformation Day- a real holiday indeed-   Don’t waste your time on Halloween- give thanks instead for Reform.

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It’s Saturday: Let’s Take a Look Inside Bibliobloggers Bathrooms

Bibliobloggers don’t just live in strange houses- they have very strange bathrooms!

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Today’s the Big Day

Comedy Central funnymen Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will hold rallies on the National Mall Saturday, putting a satirical spin on partisan politics three days before midterm elections. Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” and Colbert’s “March to Keep Fear Alive” … Continue reading

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