Total Depravity: Harry Reid’s Press Secretary

A spokesman for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Reid’s Hispanic press secretary in Nevada is no longer with the office amid a news report accusing her of a fake marriage to help a man evade immigration laws. Reid spokesman Jim Manley said in a statement Monday night that the conduct allegedly committed by Diana Tejada was “clearly wrong.” But he called the Fox News report a “desperation measure” by Republicans trying to gain an advantage in a tight Senate campaign.

How precious is that? The Majority Leader of the Senate’s press secretary helped someone break the law… It’s both totally depraved and totally predictable. Politicians (and those around them) always behave as though the laws they pass apply to everyone but themselves.

The Fox News report says the 28-year-old Tejada lied to authorities to cover up her marriage to 37-year-old Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini. But the report says Tejada was never charged with a crime.

Why would she be?  It’s ok for those connected with making the law to break it…

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