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Mexico’s Massacres: Total Depravity

It’s a good time to avoid Mexico altogether. There we see what happens when the love of money is let free to fly unhindered. Gunmen killed 15 people at a car wash Wednesday in a Mexican Pacific coast state where … Continue reading

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Women Athletes Actually Graduate… Not So the Men

At the University of Tennessee the graduation rate for the big athletic programs (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) have been announced and the women have a graduation rate of 100%.  The men- well not. Five Tennessee teams reported a GSR of … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Mind Being a Boring Sermonizer

I know right well that my sermons put people to sleep.  From old to young (but not really in-between) – I’ve sent off to slumber-land elderly men and little babies.  And I’m ok with it.  For theological reasons and on … Continue reading

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Muslims Are Just Not Helping Themselves at All

Federal agents arrested Wednesday a Pakistani-American man who allegedly helped case potential targets for bombings of Washington’s Metrorail subway system in an apparent sting operation. The purported plot was set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but the suspect, … Continue reading

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ASOR (Where Papers are Uncensored) Has Posted the Latest Newsletter

ASOR is pleased to announce that ASOR Newsletter 60.2-3 (Summer/Fall 2010) has now been mailed and posted online at the ASOR home page (www.asor.org). As a reminder, the ASOR Newsletter is available online for free at http://www.asor.org. In addition, ASOR … Continue reading

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There Are Some Things Hard To Understand

And one is the – to me – rather strange fact the highest echelons of the SBL are more upset by the word ‘sausage’ than other words in Roland Boer’s paper that are, to me, far more provocative. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea Scrolls: Transmission of Traditions and Production of Texts

This arrived from the editor of Old Testament Abstracts today and I thought I’d pass along word of it because it really is a volume that contains a number of interesting looking essays.  (I’ve been abstracting books and journals for … Continue reading

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Good Riddance: Paul is Dead

And none too soon. Paul the octopus, which won unlikely worldwide fame correctly predicting a host of World Cup matches, has died, his owners said today. Stefan Porwoll, manager of the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany, said: ‘His success … Continue reading

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Ceasarea Under Siege

Ha’aretz reports Parts of Caesarea National Park, one of the country’s prime tourist sites, are in danger of collapse due to erosion caused by ocean waves, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority warned yesterday. The authority said immediate steps must … Continue reading

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The Ordination of Emil Brunner

Took place on the 27th of October, 1912.  Brunner, you’ll recall, was the most important and most gifted of the 20th century’s theologians (in spite of Barth’s partisans insisting otherwise). Brunner was a brilliant preacher and his sermons always drew … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

How do you know you’re attending a ‘Mega-Church’? When the Church has to have a staff like a business just to function, then it is a mega. When the buildings look more like a mall than a house of worship, … Continue reading

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The Second Zurich Disputation- October 26-28, 1523

The First Disputation had set the stage for Zwingli’s Reformatory efforts and the Second, which was held for 3 days with over 900 participants, sealed the deal.  At the end of the Disputation there would be no turning back.  Zwingli … Continue reading

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The ‘Book of the Dead’ Lives On

And pages of it will be on display at the British Museum 4 November 2010 – 6 March 2011.  The report linked to includes some fantastic photos. The exhibition will focus on the most important papyri – many of which … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: Harry Reid’s Press Secretary

A spokesman for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Reid’s Hispanic press secretary in Nevada is no longer with the office amid a news report accusing her of a fake marriage to help a man evade immigration laws. Reid … Continue reading

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Look Under Your Car if You Have Muslim Name…

If you find a strange little black device with a wire dangling from it, don’t worry, it’s just a GPS that the FBI has planted on you.  As we all ‘know’, all Muslims are suspect, so it’s just good policy … Continue reading

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