Call for Carnival-eers

We’re (that’s the royal we’re) looking for Biblical Studies Carnival hosts.  Hosts are needed for March-July of 2011.  If you’d like to host, just let me know.  Even if you’re Duane Smith.  Or, if you don’t want to curse the darkness and instead wish to light a candle, take part, don’t carp.

Then, as is always true, you can run the Carnival as you wish – it’s your Carnival and your theme and your focus- so long as it includes Biblical Studies as the central theme.  You can even throw in some of that idiotic radical atheist nonsense if you want.

Be a Carnival-eer.  It’s great fun (unless you’re a wet blanket or have the personality of drying paint- in which case, please don’t volunteer- there’s already enough boring rubbish on biblioblogs to keep insomniacs asleep for decades).