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Your Corrupt Politicians in Action

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) was a fierce critic of the federal bailout of General Motors and Chrysler last year, saying he “cannot ask the American taxpayer to subsidize failure.” But General Motors doesn’t seem to hold a grudge. The political action committee formed by the company, which is now largely owned by the taxpayers, cut McConnell a $5,000 campaign check in September, a small piece of the $190,000 it donated to campaigns in the past month.

That’s right- corrupt politicians passed corrupt legislation for the benefit of corrupt corporations which are now donating big bucks to those same corrupt politicians’ re-election campaigns.

And GM is not alone: companies that received federal bailout money, including some that still owe the government, are giving to political candidates with vigor. Among companies with PACS, the 23 that received $1 billion or more in federal money through the Troubled Asset Relief Program gave a total of $1.4 million to candidates in September, up from $466,000 the month before. Most of those donations are going to Republican candidates although the TARP program was approved primarily with Democratic support and President Obama expanded its use to GM and other auto makers.

Despicable. But go ahead, unthinking herd, send the very same people back to Washington so they can continue to pillage taxpayers and enrich corporations who will then enrich them in return. Go ahead… send them back.

Followers of Todd Bentley Are Following A Deceiver

Nothing, and I mean nothing, of God is going on with this guy. He is a deceiver and a liar. His followers must either be blind or delusional.

Pentecostals, it’s high time you people stood up and called this guy what he so self evidently is- a rank and vile heretic. How you can allow him to troddle on unopposed is just beyond me. He actually makes the Montanists look orthodox.

[Vid via M. Acidri on FB]

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Very Important!!!!!!

The final call for posts for October’s Biblical Studies Carnival is upon us.  Nominations are still made either by Email or commenting on the original call post.

What Guns Do Criminals Prefer?

The Washington Post reports

Outside a baby shower in Landover three years ago, Erik Kenneth Dixon snapped. As he argued with his sister and her boyfriend in a parking lot, the 25-year-old man whipped out a .45-caliber Glock and shot her in the leg. Then he chased down her boyfriend, firing between cars and at the running man’s feet until he slipped on wet grass. As the prone man held his hands up in futile defense, Dixon executed him, firing seven times.

By law, Dixon was prohibited from owning a gun. He had spent almost three years in prison for shooting at a man. But three months before the baby-shower killing, he gave his girlfriend $335 and took her to an old brick house on a commercial strip just beyond the District line in Forestville, home to a gun shop called Realco.

“He knew which one he wanted and picked it out,” the woman would later tell police.

Dixon’s Glock was one of 86 guns sold by Realco that have been linked to homicide cases during the past 18 years, far outstripping the total from any other store in the region, a Washington Post investigation has found. Over that period, police have recovered more than 2,500 guns sold by the shop, including over 300 used in non-fatal shootings, assaults and robberies.

Realco has been known as a leading seller of “crime guns” seized by local police, but a year-long Post investigation reveals the magnitude of Realco’s pattern and links the guns sold by the store to specific crimes. The Post compiled its own databases of more than 35,000 gun traces by mining unpublicized state databases and local police evidence logs.

Read the rest. What I find so interesting is that we are constantly told that our gun laws are already strict enough- and that if we outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. Guess what. They already do. And they’re adding more to their collections every day because companies like Realco are more than happy to sell them.

And criminals, if you really want to get a gun, go to Realco.  You’ll have no problems.

Does God Hate Haiti?

The death toll from a cholera epidemic in Haiti topped 250 on Sunday amid fears it may spread in the country’s crowded, earthquake-ravaged capital.

I fear this is just the beginning of a terrible devastation. There isn’t sufficient sanitary conditions to halt the progress of this plague. Meanwhile, billions in aid dollars sit in banks while politicians and aid organizations bicker and act like children.

So, does God hate Haiti? No. Or as Jesus put it to the people of his own day (Luke 13)-

There were some present at that very time who told him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And he answered them, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered in this way? No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them: do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who lived in Jerusalem? No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

Or in other words, no one is any better or any worse than anyone else and everyone had better take hold of the opportunity of repentance before the tower falls on their heads too.

God doesn’t hate Haiti.  But I have the feeling he isn’t too pleased with the damnable indifference that the rest of the world is showing to the people of that half island nation.

I Want to Join the Office of the Holy Inquisition!

Pressure is on to change the Roman Catholic Church in America, but it’s not coming from the usual liberal suspects. A new breed of theological conservatives has taken to blogs and YouTube to say the church isn’t Catholic enough. Enraged by dissent that they believe has gone unchecked for decades, and unafraid to say so in the starkest language, these activists are naming names and unsettling the church.

Oh please hire me! Please oh please!

• Bloggers are combing through campaign finance records to expose staff of Catholic agencies who donate to politicians who support abortion rights.

• RealCatholicTV.com, working from studios in suburban Detroit, is hunting for “traitorous” nuns, priests or bishops throughout the American church.

“We’re no more engaged in a witch hunt than a doctor excising a cancer is engaged in a witch hunt,” said Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV.com and St. Michael’s Media. “We’re just shining a spotlight on people who are Catholics who do not live the faith.”

Hire me, disgruntled Catholics! I get more hits than all you guys combined!

Yale’s Precious Frat Boys Haven’t Been Punished Sufficiently

Here’s a fantastic op-ed on the situation that the head honchos at Yale need to take very seriously. Precious privileged entitled Frat Brats frequently get away with abusive behavior and it’s high time ‘Ivy League’ schools take the lead in showing the serious repercussions of that kind of treatment of others.

On the evening of October 13, a group of pledges from the Yale chapter of the DKE paraded through the Old Campus, home to many freshman women, chanting “No means Yes, Yes means anal!”, “F*cking sluts” and, perhaps inspired by their WWE viewing, “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I f*ck dead women, and fill them with my semen.” The chants were caught on YouTube and there has, quite rightfully, been nationwide outrage. DKE International has ordered the Yale Chapter of the fraternity to suspend all new member activities until further notice. Yale held a workshop with members of the fraternity and the Yale Women’s Center. But Yale needs to go further. According not only have the perpetrators abrogated the University’s own Code of Conduct they’ve proved they don’t have the social intelligence or the moral fiber one would expect of those who matriculated at one of our nation’s premier institutions of higher learning.

Those thugs need to be expelled. Nothing less is sufficient and nothing less will teach a valuable lesson that soon won’t be forgotten.

Happy Birthday Michael Barber!

It’s Michael’s birthday!  Send him a happy birthday comment over on his blog.  Make his day.  He’s Catholic.  Those people can use all the kinds words they can get these days!   😉

I Thought We Were Better than That…

Apparently, though, our Government isn’t.  As Robert Fisk writes of the appalling revelations made public by WikiLeaks-

As usual, the Arabs knew. They knew all about the mass torture, the promiscuous shooting of civilians, the outrageous use of air power against family homes, the vicious American and British mercenaries, the cemeteries of the innocent dead. All of Iraq knew. Because they were the victims.

Only we could pretend we did not know. Only we in the West could counter every claim, every allegation against the Americans or British with some worthy general – the ghastly US military spokesman Mark Kimmitt and the awful chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Peter Pace, come to mind – to ring-fence us with lies. Find a man who’d been tortured and you’d be told it was terrorist propaganda; discover a house full of children killed by an American air strike and that, too, would be terrorist propaganda, or “collateral damage”, or a simple phrase: “We have nothing on that.”

Read it all. It’s a tragically sad essay which outlines the case for our National Shame. Our government has dishonored us. Shamed us all. And brought shame on our great country all around the world. Worse, our government has absolutely, through its actions, destroyed our credibility. This is a sad day.

Israel’s King


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ...

King Bibi


Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning to the Palestinians not to act unilaterally. Kings don’t like it when their servants have a mind of their own.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Palestinians on Sunday not to take unilateral steps toward statehood, saying Israel was working closely with Washington on ways to restart peace talks. “We expect the Palestinians to fulfill their commitment to hold the direct talks. I think that any attempt to circumvent them by going to international bodies is not realistic and it will not advance the real diplomatic process,” he said.

Such royal language and such patronizing tone. A true king. Who are the Palestinians to desire a State of their own? Their Israeli lords will give them a State when they’re darned good and ready to, and if they keep whining about it they’ll just never get one at all. Now, Palestinians, go to your room. You’re going to bed without any supper. And if you mouth off again, we’ll just send in our troops, evict you from your homes, and plant Israeli settlers all over your future ‘state’.

Thank you, King Bibi. All hail the King. All hail Israel…

Total Depravity: The Georgetown University Drug-Makers

Some students at Georgetown University are trying to understand how someone could have operated a drug lab in a dorm room at the Ivy League school. “I would understand if someone got caught doing it. Making it, that’s different. It’s shocking,” 19-year-old sophomore Gina Park told the Washington Post. Saturday morning two Georgetown University students and a campus visitor – all male – were arrested in connection to a suspected drug lab found inside a dormitory, said D.C. Metro Officer police said. All are at least 18. They are facing charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, said Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman. None were identified.

Trying to understand it? Why it’s simple: loads of University kids do drugs. It only makes sense to manufacture it on the premises. Georgetown probably isn’t alone. I suspect that if campus police bothered to check, they’d find drug labs in just about every University.

But why weren’t they identified? Probably because Georgetown is ‘Ivy League’ – so they come from well to do families. If only they were attending a Community College in a minority neighborhood. Then they’d be revealed for sure.

But, alas, total depravity cares nothing for Ivy. In fact, it loves it very much.  And the love is mutual.