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I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks…

This commercial cracks me up

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It’s Saturday: So What Are Your Favorite Bibliobloggers Up to Tonight?

Well apparently Roland Boer has organized a pre-Halloween party (to which I was not invited) and so my crack team of paparazzi(o) have caught them entering the soiree. Be appalled. Be very appalled. It’s a Lady Gag(a) themed affair…

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Peter Opitz: Zwingli’s View on the Lord’s Supper

Peter Opitz (well known in 16th Century and Reformation Studies circles) read this paper at the Sixteenth Century Society Conference in Montreal recently and he has given me permission to make it available to readers here.  It may not be … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger: On the Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

In der Einheit des Glaubens und der Teilhabe an dem einen Geist sind wir unsichtbar mit Christus und allen seinen Gliedern verbunden. In der Abendmahlsfeier kommen wir auch in sichtbarer Vereinigung zusammen. Nicht nur mit Worten, sondern auch mit Taten, … Continue reading

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The Political Right Is Driving Young People From the Church? Not Hardly

Young people are leaving the Church not because the far Right is being the far Right, but simply because young people are largely disinterested in clear morality and ethics, worship and service. You see I have a very simple understanding … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Peace, joy, a home in heaven, prosperity. These are the kinds of things we tend to focus on in our modern-day evangelistic efforts: Come to Jesus, and He’ll get rid of all your problems. But Jesus called His followers to … Continue reading

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Paper Titles, The SBL, Academic Slavery, and Censorship

Roland Boer is something of a trouble maker.  We all know it.  And we all love him nonetheless.  But he’s a trouble maker with a sharp wit and a fine ability to focus attention on specific issues with somewhat spicy … Continue reading

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Pastors and Politics Don’t Mix

Pastors aren’t supposed to represent the government- they are instead to follow in the footsteps of the Prophets and stand as a ‘voice in the wilderness’ calling government to righteousness.  Failure to do so, and failure to fore-go political entanglements … Continue reading

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I Think She Missed the Point: Incurvatus In Se

Marriage, by definition, involves more than one person. So I think she missed the point, by a country mile… Chen Wei-yih has posed for a set of photos in a flowing white dress, enlisted a wedding planner and rented a … Continue reading

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