The Huffington Post: Dilettantes of the Day

Please, you Press people who imagine yourselves competent to opine about what the Bible says, please, shut up.  Just shut up.  When you say things like

As the Huffington Post Investigative Fund reported this week, big banks and hedge funds in the U.S. have been quietly collecting taxes on hundreds of thousands of homes. The process, called “tax farming,” is simple: A company goes to a local government and reimburses it for taxes that citizens aren’t paying. In return, the company gets to act like an old-fashioned tax thug — the kind rabbis condemn in the Bible — charging up to 18 percent interest and thousands of dollars in legal fees, simply because it can. As the District of Columbia attorney general told the HuffPost Investigative Fund, there’s “no oversight at all.” (Emphasis mine)

Do tell, HP, exactly which rabbi in the Bible condemned the tax collectors? Do you care to cite a verse? Please? Frankly the article doesn’t interest me- but the Post’s grossly inaccurate blanket claim that ‘Rabbis in the Bible’ (!!!!!!) ‘condemn’ tax collectors is so grossly inaccurate and moronic… well… who can be silent in the face of such stupidity and dilettantism.

The truth is, Jesus esteems the tax collectors, at one point suggesting that they will enter the kingdom before the Pharisees.  Matthew, one of his disciples was a tax collector.  And the story of Zacchaeus makes it plain that, while tax collectors were despised by the inhabitants of Palestine in the first century, the praise heaped on him by Luke for his righteous behavior is unsurpassed.

Still, being despised as Roman collaborators, the tax collectors are never condemned.  So please, Press people… check your facts before you make fools of yourselves.

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  1. Eric Chamblee 22 Oct 2010 at 8:29 pm

    How big of a sphincter do you have to be to be behind the taxman for entry into heaven?/?????


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