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The Horrors of War

The United States knew but failed to investigate cases of prisoner abuse by Iraqi police and soldiers, according to reports on Friday about a release of some 400,000 secret U.S. files by the WikiLeaks website.

And, from the other side,

“We deplore WikiLeaks for inducing individuals to break the law, leak classified documents and then cavalierly share that secret information with the world,” Geoff Morrell, Pentagon press secretary, said.

What’s really deplorable is war.  War destroys everything it touches and is the ultimate example of human depravity.

Clear Evidence that Women Should Remain Silent in the Church… And Online…

Or at least this woman should.  Yes, clearly she should. She has absolutely NO BUSINESS being involved in politics unless she wants to resign her office and NO BUSINESS posting racist comments online.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley campaign’s continues to distance itself from a controversial minister, who said Friday that she stepped down from a position with the campaign due to time constraints. Foley’s campaign maintained Friday that a mailing list mistake led to the brief appointment of controversial minister Barbara Sexton as the leader of an Independents coalition for the candidate. Sexton’s appointment drew criticism earlier this week from Democratic Chair Nancy DiNardo, who said that the minister had written “racial missives all over the internet.” The “racial missives” Democrats referred to stem from posts on Sexton’s blog. In one post Sexton claims, “All blacks voted for Barack, period. While I was not surprised, I know I was lied to by some close friends who said they did otherwise, but surely they ‘voted for the brother.’”

Totally and grossly inappropriate.  She’s no pastor- she’s a wolf masquerading as one.  (HT Irene Hahn on FB)

Quote of the Month

If Glenn Beck hasn’t met a half-man-half-monkey yet, he didn’t get out much during his rally. There was more knuckle dragging on the National Mall that day than the National Zoo… about 89,000 more. And I find it odd that Sarah Palin can see November from her house but she couldn’t see a teen pregnancy coming if her life depended on it. Maybe if she spent more time at her house rather than at Tea Party rallies, one of her children might actually graduate from those abstinence only classes with a passing grade. – Helen and Margaret

Oh No! She’ll Be Sent to Jail if she ‘Relapses Again’!!!!

There’s not much chance that will happen, is there? And ‘that’ refers to her going to jail. Her? Why the often arrested never punished Lindsay Lohan of course.

Lindsay Lohan sidestepped another jail stint Friday when a California judge sent the 24-year-old troubled starlet back to rehab, telling her she was an addict and faced jail time if she relapsed again. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered Lohan to remain at the Betty Ford Center until Jan. 3 and report back to court in late February. “You are an addict, I hope you understand that,” Fox told Lohan. A prosecutor had advocated a six-month jail sentence for the “Mean Girls” star, but Fox opted for rehab after reviewing filings by probation and rehab officials and a letter written by Lohan.

What? She’s an addict? Stop the presses! Alert the President! This is HUGE news!

At least poor suffering Lindsay won’t have to suffer the humiliation of jail- because she’s being sent to rehab. Again…

[On display here is the absolute corruption of the justice system and the very reason that celebrities feel themselves above the law. Oh wait, what law?]

More Government Waste

Though I suspect in fairness ‘government’ and ‘waste’ go hand in hand.

The Department of Homeland Security is backing off what was to have been a multibillion-dollar effort to build an “invisible fence” that was meant to catch drug and human traffickers with cameras, vibration sensors and other high-tech devices. Of the projected 2,000-mile impenetrable wall of technology that the project was supposed to supply, only about 53 miles of unreliable monitoring systems were built. And the price tag for that work, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times, was in excess of a cool $1 billion. Homeland Security is not renewing its contract with Boeing, the main contractor on the project, saying the technology hasn’t yet been perfected for the high-quality monitoring that comprehensive guarding of the border requires.

Thank you President Bush- it was a fantastic program… except it wasn’t.

The Huffington Post: Dilettantes of the Day

Please, you Press people who imagine yourselves competent to opine about what the Bible says, please, shut up.  Just shut up.  When you say things like

As the Huffington Post Investigative Fund reported this week, big banks and hedge funds in the U.S. have been quietly collecting taxes on hundreds of thousands of homes. The process, called “tax farming,” is simple: A company goes to a local government and reimburses it for taxes that citizens aren’t paying. In return, the company gets to act like an old-fashioned tax thug — the kind rabbis condemn in the Bible — charging up to 18 percent interest and thousands of dollars in legal fees, simply because it can. As the District of Columbia attorney general told the HuffPost Investigative Fund, there’s “no oversight at all.” (Emphasis mine)

Do tell, HP, exactly which rabbi in the Bible condemned the tax collectors? Do you care to cite a verse? Please? Frankly the article doesn’t interest me- but the Post’s grossly inaccurate blanket claim that ‘Rabbis in the Bible’ (!!!!!!) ‘condemn’ tax collectors is so grossly inaccurate and moronic… well… who can be silent in the face of such stupidity and dilettantism.

The truth is, Jesus esteems the tax collectors, at one point suggesting that they will enter the kingdom before the Pharisees.  Matthew, one of his disciples was a tax collector.  And the story of Zacchaeus makes it plain that, while tax collectors were despised by the inhabitants of Palestine in the first century, the praise heaped on him by Luke for his righteous behavior is unsurpassed.

Still, being despised as Roman collaborators, the tax collectors are never condemned.  So please, Press people… check your facts before you make fools of yourselves.

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Jumping out of your skin in the new year

Or more precisely, what’s he doing with himself these days?  You may be surprised to learn that he’s selling body parts online

Gunther von Hagens, Chris Tilling, a German anatomist British New Testament scholar famous for his controversial Body World exhibition displaying plastinated bodies, is now selling human and animal body parts — even as jewelry — online. The move has provoked strong condemnation from German churches which accuse him of degrading human dignity. A whole body from http://www.plastination-products.com costs about 70,000 euros ($97,400), torsos start at 55,644 euros and heads come in at around 22,000 euros each — excluding postage and packaging.

Gross Chris, gross…  Please cancel my request for some cool Christmas gift from you…

Bible.com Is Being Sued, For Lack of Profit…

A shareholder of Bible.com Inc sued the company’s board members, accusing the ordained ministers of failing to profit from the “goldmine” potential of the namesake Internet property, according to a lawsuit. James Solakian filed the lawsuit in Delaware’s Chancery Court against the board of Bible.com for breaching their duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way. The lawsuit cites a valuation done by a potential purchaser that estimated bible.com could be worth more than dictionary.com, which recently sold for more than $100 million.

Absurd. But transparently expected, given the litigious nature of American culture and the belief that income can be gained by anything other than hard work. People expect, nowadays, something for nothing.

Barbara Whitt: The Church Secretary Who Stole Millions

You’ve probably not heard this story if you live outside of East Tennessee- but here, well, it’s news.

A former Morristown church secretary and her son are facing federal charges for stealing money from the church. A federal grand jury in Greeneville returned a five-count indictment last week against Barbara D. Whitt, 69, and her son Michael Dean Whitt, 43, both of Morristown. They’re accused of scheming to obtain money in the custody of SunTrust Bank by false pretenses and conspiring to do the same as well as conspiring to engage in money laundering. Michael Whitt was also charged with engaging in financial transactions designed to avoid financial reporting requirements and conducting a transaction involving over $10,000 in criminally derived property. The pair was arrested Thursday morning by Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) agents and Morristown Police Department officers. They entered pleas of not guilty when they appeared in federal court Thursday afternoon, and were released until their trial, which is set for March 7, 2011.

Just disgusting. She stole money and used it for herself and she had been a trusted member for decades. She abused the trust of her friends and betrayed not only her church, but the Church.

Dilettantism: The Fourth Grade History Text

A Fourth Grade history text approved by a panel of three fourth grade teachers (and not historians) has been adopted for use in Virginia.  But there’s a problem: it’s wrong about a significant aspect of the Civil War.

As Kevin Sieff reported in The Washington Post on Wednesday, historians are wondering how a fourth-grade textbook in Virginia was approved despite including the spurious claim that “Thousands of Southern blacks fought in the Confederate ranks, including two black battalions under the command of Stonewall Jackson.” Asked about her sources, the textbook’s author, Joy Masoff — whose other books include “Fire!” and “Oh Yikes! History’s Grossest, Wackiest Moments” — cited Ervin Jordan, a University of Virginia historian who is the author of “Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia.” Like other noted historians, Mr. Jordan told The Post that while there is documentary evidence that some African-Americans fought for the Confederacy, “There’s no way of knowing that there were thousands…. And the claim about Jackson is totally false.”…

Perhaps historians should examine history texts and mathmeticians should examine math texts, etc. before such books are approved for school use. Otherwise, dilettantism reigns.

Why’s Juan Whining?

Juan Williams’ firing from NPR has stirred up some pretty strange whining on the part of Williams, who now seems to think that he wasn’t fired for his off the cuff remarks about Muslims on planes, but because NPR didn’t like the fact that he commentated for Fox News.

In the past I’ve admired Williams’ work, but honestly, now he’s just become a whiner.  He’s acting like a guy who got dumped by a girl and so feels like he has to disrespect her because of her decision.

Dude, ya got fired.  Ya got dumped.  Get over it and move on.  It’s not like you’re suffering.  Fox has rewarded you with a multi million dollar contract.  Unless, that is, the contract includes a ‘complain about the liberal media’ clause (which it probably does).  After all, Fox isn’t about news, it’s about Faux-ness.  And nothing’s faux-er than a rich guy whining about being ditched.