Speaking of Schools…

The local news carried a story this eve on the rise of home schooling in Tennessee.  And I can’t hear the words ‘home schooling’ without thinking of the darling little home schooled kids featured on Mean Girls (an absolutely brilliant movie/ commentary on modern American teen culture).

For some reason whenever I post this clip the homeschoolers go insane. Too bad. I think it’s funny. Homeschoolers, though, don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor. Which is sad really.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Schools…

  1. Geoff

    That’s funny, though I came to more fully understand the utility of homeschooling after I read John Taylor Gatto’s work on unschooling and exactly how bad public school is for children.

    Teaching homeschool highschool student to read New Testament Greek and then having a readings course on John’s gospel and epistles was awesome, especially the bits where believing the gospel is the condition of having right relationship with God…not believing this or that theory about the Bible, science, or even finally ethics, but trusting the God who sent Jesus.

    But I did teach them that Moses and Jesus used guns to fight off the Romans too, so that might ruin them for life.


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