I Guess They’re Too Busy Passing out Condoms…

To the football players and cheerleaders, so that there’s no time left over for a prayer before the game.

A public high school in southeastern Tennessee will no longer allow prayer to be uttered over loudspeakers before football games, following a complaint. Soddy-Daisy High School Principal John Maynard said Wednesday that he would follow the order to halt the prayers issued by Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Jim Scales. Scales told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he sent the e-mail restricting public prayer at football games on Tuesday.

Yeah… there ya go. It’s ok to give kids condoms at school but it’s bad, bad, bad to pray out loud before a football game because that’s so bloody wicked and societally illegitimate.   Good is bad, and bad is good only, however, in the minds of the totally depraved and utterly perverse.

9 thoughts on “I Guess They’re Too Busy Passing out Condoms…

  1. steph

    the pope would agree with you on condoms. So what does praying have to do with sports? Do the team players all believe in God? Isn’t it a mockery of religion to have heathens pretend to pray? I think the forceful nature of its withdrawal is a little over dramatic, as is any fuss at all. Condoms sigh. I’d rather they were available that expect the impossible – that teenagers abstain from something they never ever have since, you know, Adam and Eve. 😉


    1. Jim Post author

      its the fascinating and disturbing contrast of piety on the one hand and its public demonstration which is now demonized and the acceptance and promotion of promiscuity on the other.


  2. steph

    I never said anything about healthy. But you implied that people praying before sports games was pious when in fact I suspect most of them are heathens. :-p


  3. Jon H

    Are they unable to pray without following the lead of someone on a loudspeaker?

    It’s not *that* hard to think one up on their own, is it?


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