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Attention ‘Anonymous’ Commentators: Let The Case of Raphael Golb Teach You a Lesson

A business consultant who wants to know who’s been anonymously disparaging and fixating on her online has gotten a court to force Google to tell her. As she joined a growing number of people who have persuaded courts to unmask … Continue reading

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Speaking of Schools…

The local news carried a story this eve on the rise of home schooling in Tennessee.  And I can’t hear the words ‘home schooling’ without thinking of the darling little home schooled kids featured on Mean Girls (an absolutely brilliant … Continue reading

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I Guess They’re Too Busy Passing out Condoms…

To the football players and cheerleaders, so that there’s no time left over for a prayer before the game. A public high school in southeastern Tennessee will no longer allow prayer to be uttered over loudspeakers before football games, following … Continue reading

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Karl Barth’s Dogmatics in 14 Volumes for $99 has Shipped!

I ordered this back when I first heard about it.  $99 for Barth’s Dogmatics?  Brilliant!  And now it’s been shipped earlier than expected!  Brillianter! I’ve read through the CD a couple of times- years back now- and gave my old … Continue reading

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The Right Wing of the Israeli Press Strikes Back At CBS

It seems that Arutz Sheva is miffed at CBS over Lesley Stahl’s innocuous little piece on Silwan and the evacuation of Palestinians (mentioned the other day). During the segment, Stahl worked hard to cast aspersions on the validity of the … Continue reading

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Let ‘Em Starve! Or Better, Eat Them!

It’s this sort of inanity that makes me want to fry a duck and eat it in front of the Warden involved in this story– just like I’m inclined to splatter a bloody cow’s carcass at the nearest PETA rep … Continue reading

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The Dead French Woman Who Came Back to Life? Nah, the Doctor Just Doesn’t Know What Death Looks Like

A woman pronounced “very certainly clinically dead” at a French hospital woke up hours later after her sons refused to turn off her life-support system, medics and the woman said. Doctors were preparing cancer patient Lydie Paillard, 60, for a … Continue reading

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The Winter 2010 Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study

Winter Meeting 2011 Collingwood College, Durham under the presidency of Professor John Sawyer Printable version of the SOTS programme The booking form for the SOTS Winter meeting Location and Directions to Collingwood College The venue for all sessions is the … Continue reading

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Are You Testing Me, Satan?

Just when I vow to cut back on carbs (yes, I ate 4 gallons of ice cream yesterday but I was fevered and delusional and couldn’t help myself), NPR passes along a recipe that I’m just going to have to … Continue reading

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Now This is Fun: Europe’s 5000 Year Old Door

Has been discovered, in of all places, Zurich. Archaeologists in the Swiss city of Zurich have unearthed a 5,000-year-old door that may be one of the oldest ever found in Europe. The ancient poplar wood door is “solid and elegant” … Continue reading

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Hector Avalos is Mistaken: So Opines NP Lemche

In a new essay at Bible and Interpretation.  Very much worth a read.

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Behold, The Fruits of ‘Exalted to Heaven’ Academic Accreditation…

And the damage that’s been done to the American system of Higher Education since its inception. Why? Because the quest for money (which is the only purpose accreditation serves) has robbed schools of their soul. [By the way- I’m the … Continue reading

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Calling Emergency Services for … a Cat…

More proof that people really are insane- Via M. Acidri on FB

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More Pastoral Misconduct: The Case of Alberto Rodriguez

A former Madera youth pastor is being accused of child molestation. 48 year-old Albert Rogriguez was arrested earlier this month. Madera sheriffs detectives say he repeatedly abused children under the age of 14 – going back as far as 20 … Continue reading

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The President Has Nothing Better to Do…

So he’s going to try to rouse up the 20-somethings by appearing on the Daily Show just before the election.  Nice huh.  First Colbert ‘testifies’ before Congress on the subject of immigration- a subject he has first hand experience with … Continue reading

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The 2012 End of the World Craziness Debunked, Again

It’s a sad day for the maniacal loons fixated on the ‘end of the world will be 2012’ Mayan calendar.  Seems that the calculations for the calendar are all off… by 50 to 100 years… A new critique, published as … Continue reading

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