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Murder A Baby? No Problem. Put a Cat in a Trash Can? Outrage and a Fine!

In case you need more evidence that society is totally ruined- you can murder your unborn baby and no one will say a word, but if you put a cat in a garbage can, oh my… duck… because the hailstorm … Continue reading

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If You’re A ‘Hollywood Celeb’ They Know You’re Dead Within 15 Minutes…

But when you do something meaningful with your life (like teaching biblical studies at a University or College or serve humanity in medicine or theology) they never even notice. June Cleaver dies and the accolades for her long ago work … Continue reading

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The IAA Press Release Concerning the Google / Dead Sea Scrolls Collaboration

Israel Antiquities Authority, Partner with Google R&D Center in Israel – To Make Dead Sea Scrolls Available On-line With Lead Funding from the Leon Levy Foundation and a Major Donation of the Arcadia Foundation “Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: Yale’s Crude and Rude ΔΚΕ Frat Brats

To be students at Yale, they aren’t too bright, are they? National leaders of a fraternity accused of directing Yale University pledges to chant obscenities against women as they marched through campus have scheduled a meeting with the Ivy League … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Is Just Not Very Intelligent

Or else she thinks West Virginia is part of Pennsylvania.  In which case she still isn’t all that bright.  It’s actually physically painful for me to listen to her. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin offered her latest endorsement via Twitter … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

Keith Whitt! James Spinti and I have consulted and decided that the winner of Professor Casey’s volume is Keith Whitt.  Not because his answer was the longest or the wordiest but because he got to the point and made it.  … Continue reading

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Are Politicians Stupid? Well Duh!

A Puerto Rican legislator was caught groping and kissing an ABC News student journalist on camera during an ABC investigation into corrupt and unsavory behavior by state legislators. During the investigation, ABC sent cameras to a party in Louisville sponsored … Continue reading

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Are iPod Users Stupid?

It’s not in my character to judge (though, to use a biblical image, I am a ‘fruit inspector’, you know, ‘by their fruits you will know them’) but it seems that if you’re as dependent on a piece of tech … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Whoever neglects the study of Hebrew and Greek and still dabbles in Bible exposition non theologus est, but a sacrae theologiae violator. — Erasmus of Rotterdam (I was reminded of this by a comment on Scott’s blog)

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Babel Flashcards: Or, How Pastors and Students Can Learn and Keep Up Their Biblical Langauges

A little while back I mentioned the arrival of a new software package called Babel Flashcards, a nice little suite of vocabulary building tools for students of the Bible.  Since then, there’s been a bit of a bibliobloggers discussion about … Continue reading

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The Lutherans aren’t Communing Very Well Either

Stuart points out The Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Church has seen an unprecedented exodus of members. The outflow was sparked by a televised debate programme on Network 2 of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) on Tuesday evening last week. The flood was … Continue reading

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The Anglican Communion Isn’t Communing Very Well

The Telegraph reports Shortly after eight o’clock one spring morning in 2007, an earthquake struck the parish church of St Peter in Folkestone, bringing down the gable-end of the south transept. Three years later, the 19th-century church, which opened as … Continue reading

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Drug Companies Don’t Care What Kind of Doctors they Hire

This NPR report shows pretty clearly that drug companies are nothing more than legalized drug pushers, and their street dealers are inept doctors. Drug companies say they hire the most-respected doctors in their fields for the critical task of teaching … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Fortunately for Lazarus, this sign is found in Britain (via Dot King on FB).  I think we can all be fairly sure that with the austerity cuts in Britain these days, no one will be raising anything.

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The Crystal Cathedral is Bankrupt

And not just theologically (it has always been bankrupt theologically, that’s why so many people went there in the past).  Now it’s bankrupt fiscally as well. Crystal Cathedral, the megachurch birthplace of the televangelist show “Hour of Power,” has filed … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea Scrolls are Being Google-Bookized

The Dead Sea scrolls will soon be available to anyone with an internet connection. Search engine Google and the Israel Antiquities Authority have revealed plans for an online archive of the scrolls, which number around 900. The images will appear … Continue reading

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