Dilettantism: Algerian Style

A Sefer Torah, the traditional form of the Heb...

A new Muslim claim surpasses all boundaries: an Algerian paper reports that an old Torah scroll found near Temple Mount includes the name of Mohammed. However, the reporter apparently has mixed up his understanding of “scrolls” and Hebrew adjectives.

Really people- if you don’t know what you’re doing, just don’t do it.

This latest claim, reported in the Algerian Al Nahar newspaper by Ahmed Ibrahem Buray, alleges that “the political circles, religious groups in Israel were shaken last week over the impact of the discovery of the largest known history of the Jews fraught with distortions in the Scriptures…and the fake people of God.” Buray wrote that the “Torah scroll” was found in a corner of the Old City near the Al Aqsa mosque, located on the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temples once stood. Buray added in Al Nahar, “The miracle of G-d came to frustrate their [the Jews’] opponents and their claims… The original copy of the Torah written in Hebrew – according to sources familiar with it – belongs to the second century AD, the oldest ever.”

Stop the lunacy.  Stop the dilettantism.  Just say no to stupidity and rank error.

(via Joseph Lauer the Magnificent)

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  1. Doug 18 Oct 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Is there any wonder there is so much hate and violence? This is just one symptom.


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