Bye Bye Barack

17 Oct
President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain...

Thanks for nothing...

President Barack Obama‘s winning coalition from 2008 has crumbled and his core backers are dispirited. It’s now Republicans who stand to benefit from an electorate that’s again craving change. Nearly two years after putting Obama in the White House, one-quarter of those who voted for the Democrat are defecting to the GOP or considering voting against the party in power this fall. Just half of them say they definitely will show up Nov. 2, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released two weeks before Obama’s first midterm elections. Yet in a reflection of broad dissatisfaction with politics, just as many people who backed Republican presidential nominee John McCain are either supporting Democrats now or still considering how to vote. Still, McCain voters — to borrow Obama’s campaign rallying cry — are far more “fired up, ready to go.” Two-thirds say they are certain to vote next month.

He can blame his woes and the woes of his party on his predecessor all he wants but the fact is, American voters voted for change and none has come. We’re still fully engaged in Iraq and more engaged in Afghanistan. Americans are losing jobs while legislation giving tax breaks to companies which farmed jobs out to foreign countries was passed. The Administration hasn’t done anything differently at all, continuing the failed policies of Bush almost to the letter in terms of ‘financial reform’ and the rest. And the Democratically controlled Congress hasn’t done a thing except bolster big business.

So I hope the Dems lose big time. Then, when the Republicans blow it just as badly (as they certainly will), when the next Presidential election rolls around maybe people will elect someone with sense and not beholden to lobbyists and special interests. I know, it’s a pipe dream.

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One response to “Bye Bye Barack

  1. Eric Chamblee

    18 Oct 2010 at 9:07 am

    Pipe dream? Crack pipe dream. So long as ANY incumbents remain Washington will remain a “Parliment of Whores” as P.J. O’Roark so aptly put it.
    I fear that until Christ returns to rule we will never have a truly wise, kind, and just government.
    Remember, politicians are like diapers, they must be changed frequently and for the same reason!