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To: Undisclosed Recipients

This email arrived and it just made me glow with pride… I really am widely desired, aren’t I? And not just by Starbucks tip seeking baristas… No, the fame of my wonderfulness has reached as far as Nigeria!

Hello my dear.
My name is ruth,
i am a female I was impressed when i saw your profile
and will like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition,i will like you to reply me through my e mail box (ruthdohuna@hotmail.com)I am very interested in knowing more about you, and in my next mail i will send you some pictures of mine and tell you more about me, contact me with my email address. Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life.

Thanks waiting to hear from you .through my E-mail (ruthdohuna@hotmail.com)
with love and kisses,
yours ruth.

Oh ruth – everyone’s impressed when they see my profile. And my face too! But the fact that you addressed your letter to people besides me causes me not a little dismay. I thought I was your only true love…

[Are people really stupid enough to respond to that kind of insanity?  If they are, I can only imagine how truly stupid they must be and hope and pray that they don’t breed].

Evacuating Silwan

Since I’ve come down with some sort of flu or something I’ve ended up staying home tonight and have watched the 60 Minutes segment on Silwan.  The guy Leslie Stahl interviewed who defended the evacuation of Palestinians and justified their displacement is pure downright wicked.

Stahl is right to suggest that they aren’t just digging in the City of David, they’re digging in.  Astonishingly, the talking heads on the Jewish side seem utterly unconcerned for the Palestinians they are uprooting all in the search for some putative ‘history’ in the city.  Astonishingly… well, maybe not.  The fact is, Zionists and Christian Zionists have never cared about the Palestinians or about what happens to them when Israelis ‘dig in’ and evict.

If you missed it, you can still check it out here.

More Political Deception and Hypocrisy

Pete Sessions

Pete the Hypocrite

The headline tells the story in brief- Stimulating Hypocrisy: Scores of Recovery Act Opponents Sought Money Out of Public View

Yup- they opposed the recovery act and still wanted to get money under the table and behind the scenes from it. Nothing screams hypocrisy like politics.

Rep. Pete Sessions, the firebrand conservative from Dallas, Texas, has relentlessly assailed the Democratic-passed stimulus law as a wasteful “trillion dollar spending spree” that was “more about stimulating the government and rewarding political allies than growing the economy and creating jobs.” But that didn’t stop the Republican lawmaker from reaching his hand out behind the scenes to seek stimulus money for the suburb of Carrollton after the camera lights went dark and the GOP campaign against the 2009 stimulus law quieted down.

I’m sure down in Texas they have a way to rationalize that kind of deceptive hypocrisy but over here in Tennessee we call those kinds of people yellow bellied liars. But you can’t really tell the yellow bellied liar from the politician anyway. They are, in fact, the exact same thing. Politician = liar and liar = politician.

But I bet the disclosure of his deceptiveness won’t lose him any votes. Nah. People vote for liars all the time (because lacking morals they don’t mind sending to Washington persons just exactly like themselves).

More Pastoral Misconduct

This time it’s over in Sin City where a ‘Pastor’ has molested young boys. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas after all (and for all the deluded people who think God doesn’t see, guess what….)

A Las Vegas pastor is charged with 6 counts of sexual assault and 5 counts of open or gross lewdness against teenage boys. 57 year old Billy EckstineBilly Eckstine McCurdy, was arrested for allegedly using the scriptures to entice 2 teenage boys into sexual relationships with him at his home. 8 years ago, similar charges had allegedly been filed against him but were later dropped, stated the Associated Press. No reasons were given for the dismissal of the charges. Testifying before a grand jury, after an eight month long investigation, the 2 boys reportedly accused McCurdy of using the bible and his influence as pastor, to force them into performing sex acts. Police say this same pastor has spend quite a considerable amount of his time with young people, even taking them on trips to Arizona and California, states the AP.

Sounds like he could be an Atlanta mega-church Pastor, doesn’t it. That’s probably where he’ll go next since, as we all know, the bigger the Church, the bigger the desire for power and fame and the bigger the sense of pastoral entitlement. After all, God only grants the most faithful of his servants the grandest and most visible pulpits… So they deserve it. It being whatever they want. Including, it seems, but not limited to, young boys.

True Words

Lifted from Maire Byrne on FB.

Total Depravity: Killing for a Parking Spot

Front of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

An off-duty Baltimore police detective out celebrating his birthday was killed by a blow to the head with a rock or piece of concrete during a fight over a parking space, and investigators on Sunday were questioning two suspects, authorities said. Fellow officers, meanwhile, were at the side of grieving family members overnight at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where emergency crews had taken Detective Brian Stevenson, an 18-year veteran with the department, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. Stevenson, who would have turned 38 on Sunday, was celebrating his birthday with a friend Saturday night when he started fighting over a parking space. The dispute escalated. Then, Guglielmi said, “A suspect pulled a rock or large piece of concrete from the ground and struck the officer with it.”

Killing… for a parking spot… which he then didn’t even use because he fled like a coward- refusing to face up to his crime or take responsibility for his selfish perversity and perverted sinful selfishness. Such depravity.  That’s the kind of society America has become.

The ‘United Monarchy’: Israel Finkelstein’s Most Recent Thoughts

Israel Finkelstein has published a new essay titled

“A Great United Monarchy? Archaeological and Historical Perspectives”, in: R.G. Kratz and H. Spieckermann, eds., One God – One Cult – One Nation: Archaeological and Biblical Perspectives, Berlin 2010, pp. 3-28.

It begins

Twelve years have passed since I first presented – to the German Institute in Jerusalem – my ideas on the chronology of the Iron Age strata in the Levant and how it impacts on our understanding of the biblical narrative on the United Monarchy of ancient Israel. I was naïve enough then to believe that the logic of my ‘correction’ was straightforward and clear. Twelve years and many articles and public debates later, however, the notion of Davidic conquests, Solomonic building projects, and a glamorous United Monarchy – all based on an uncritical reading of the biblical text and in contradiction of archaeological finds – is still alive in certain quarters. This paper presents my updated views on this matter, and tackles several recent claims that archaeology has now proven the historicity of the biblical account of the great kingdom of David and Solomon.

Get the book and give the essay a read.

For You Pagans Who Don’t Worship God on Sunday Evenings…

And so you find yourselves at home- 60 Minutes is airing a segment tonight (Oct 17) on the so called ‘City of David’ dig.  It will take one of two tacks- 1) Yup, it’s the real deal and Mazar has proven that Israel has the right to the entire world because there was a fragment of a something found under a stone in a dig; or 2) it will focus on the politicization of archaeology in Israel.  Either way, it’s old news.

So instead of staying home and watching something for which the outcome is already known, get your pagan self to worship and do something constructive and meaningful.

Bye Bye Barack

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain...

Thanks for nothing...

President Barack Obama‘s winning coalition from 2008 has crumbled and his core backers are dispirited. It’s now Republicans who stand to benefit from an electorate that’s again craving change. Nearly two years after putting Obama in the White House, one-quarter of those who voted for the Democrat are defecting to the GOP or considering voting against the party in power this fall. Just half of them say they definitely will show up Nov. 2, according to an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released two weeks before Obama’s first midterm elections. Yet in a reflection of broad dissatisfaction with politics, just as many people who backed Republican presidential nominee John McCain are either supporting Democrats now or still considering how to vote. Still, McCain voters — to borrow Obama’s campaign rallying cry — are far more “fired up, ready to go.” Two-thirds say they are certain to vote next month.

He can blame his woes and the woes of his party on his predecessor all he wants but the fact is, American voters voted for change and none has come. We’re still fully engaged in Iraq and more engaged in Afghanistan. Americans are losing jobs while legislation giving tax breaks to companies which farmed jobs out to foreign countries was passed. The Administration hasn’t done anything differently at all, continuing the failed policies of Bush almost to the letter in terms of ‘financial reform’ and the rest. And the Democratically controlled Congress hasn’t done a thing except bolster big business.

So I hope the Dems lose big time. Then, when the Republicans blow it just as badly (as they certainly will), when the next Presidential election rolls around maybe people will elect someone with sense and not beholden to lobbyists and special interests. I know, it’s a pipe dream.

Britain is About to Suffer- A Lot

The Coat of Arms of the City of Sheffield.

SHEFFIELD, England – Sheffield knows all about cuts — and no one knows better than Philip Wright. A scissors manufacturer, he remembers this city at the height of its steel-making glory, when Sheffield’s furnaces and factories produced ships and tools and cutlery for the dinner tables of the world. The huge steelworks are mostly gone now, like so much British industry over the past few decades, the victim of international competition, changing technology and governments with other priorities. “The city at night used to be alight,” said Wright, whose tiny factory is a link to Sheffield’s past — and, he hopes, a part of its future. That dream is under threat from deep government spending cuts to be unveiled Wednesday that many fear will once again crush cities in England’s traditional industrial belt, a generation after they were laid low by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s severe brand of capitalism. Sheffield lost 70,000 jobs between 1979 and 1987, according to the local government — a quarter of the city’s total. The decline in steel-making was compounded by the closure of nearby coal mines in the wake of Thatcher’s war with the unions.

Read the whole piece. And brace for what’s coming if you’re British.