Total Depravity: Parental Idiocy

16 Oct

I hear parents all the time say ‘I’d rather have my kids drink or do drugs at home where I can at least know they’re ok’ to which I always reply ‘well teaching them to destroy themselves isn’t the best course of action.  Would you give them a gun and tell them it’s ok to shoot themselves in the head?’

The face of parental stupidity

So the parents in Florida who were arrested for hosting a booze party for underage drinkers deserve whatever criminal prosecution they get.

There’s such a thing as being too lenient of a parent. The mother and father of two teen sons were arrested after they allegedly threw a booze-fueled Homecoming bash at their $10 million Florida mansion for 500 of their kids’ friends, according to NBC Miami. The cops showed up at the 17,000-square-foot home in Boca Raton on Sunday after receiving a noise complaint. They said they found teenagers passed out in the front lawn and dozens of others vomiting in the streets. Paramedics treated several of the teens. Cops said they found the boys’ parents, Shlomo and Jeannie Rasabi, in their master bedroom. “I didn’t even know all these kids were here. They all brought alcohol into the house,” the 59-year-old father said when police asked him about the alleged underage drinking. The parents also insisted that their party was really a late afterparty for another party, and that the students must have gotten drunk before they arrived at the Rasabis’ home, according to the police report posted on The Smoking Gun.

Idiots. First of all, they didn’t know the kids were there but the neighbors did? The kids brought all the booze? Who exactly is in control of the Rasabi house? Oh wait, I know, the kids are. Solomon, you’re an idiot. You certainly don’t live up to the image your name presents.

The boys should be taken from their parents and put in foster care or with another, actually responsible, parent. And the Rasabis should spend many years in prison for hundreds of counts of child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

With parents like this ‘raising’ kids, no wonder kids are so messed up and grow up to be such messed up drunken drug abusing adults.

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One response to “Total Depravity: Parental Idiocy

  1. Eric Chamblee

    18 Oct 2010 at 9:24 am

    Unfortunately, I have seen far worse. Seeing idiots like this drives me into a rage. There is a direct inverse link between intelligence and fertility.