Good News for the Geeks and Sci-Fi Types

Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is going to direct The Hobbit. This should make James McGrath happier than a sailor in Thailand. In fact, I suspect we can now look forward to a blow by blow daily blog-a-thon of the entire process.

James McGrath in his Halloween Costume

Breaking news! They actually got Peter Jackson, of all people, to direct “The Hobbit!” What’s that? You already knew that? Like, from a year ago. No, no. That was a rumor. It was never confirmed. First it was Guillermo Del Toro, but he left. And then there was a labor dispute, but that’s been resolved. And then Jackson pretended to announce a series of movies he’d rather direct than have to plunge back down the rabbit hole of Tolkien nonsense, and then … ugh, forget it. Exhausting. 

Tolkein nonsense… that’s priceless!

4 thoughts on “Good News for the Geeks and Sci-Fi Types

  1. yeah I thought the Hobbit was already filmed by now. I much prefer Jackson’s earlier homegrown stuff like The Frighteners and Lovely Bones etc. LOR made me yawn and frankly gave our land too much exposure. And too many people trampled our turf where no white man should tread.


  2. Loved LOTR! Quite well done, very faithfull to the books.
    The lovely bones? Ugh. Booooring.


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