The Greater Manchester Police May Persuade Me to Use Twitter

The simple pleasure of throwing stones in the ...

James practicing his Man U hurling as a lad

Well not use it myself so much as follow their doings for the next 24 hours because, finally, it seems that twitter twaddle may actually be put to useful service (since to this point, knowing who Demi Moore is posing for or what Ashton has eaten or what NT Wrong has observed about beachwear just don’t do it for me).  Here’s what I mean:

A British police force says it’s publishing every incident it deals with to Twitter for 24 hours. Greater Manchester Police says the project is meant to give the public a feel for the nature and number of different challenges it has to deal with. Police forces across the U.K. face deep budget cuts as the new British government tries to find its financial footing. Manchester police says it hopes the micro-blogging site feed will help Britons understand how much pressure it is under.

How fun would it be to see this tweet?

Man United FC calls dispatcher to report James Crossley pelting players with stones.

Awesome! If that happens I’ll definitely become a huge fan of twittering.

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2 thoughts on “The Greater Manchester Police May Persuade Me to Use Twitter

  1. Doug 14 Oct 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I wonder what Jim West’s life would sound like on twitter? 6am- eating breakfast. 6:15 facebooking. 7 am write sermon. 7:30 talked to wife. 8:00 went to gym. 11 am mowed lawn.


  2. Michael Acidri 14 Oct 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Jim the latent twitter fan is soon coming out of the closet with his undying admiration for the mirco-blogging social net working site. In the last month the last month he has mentioned twitter more times than he has mentioned Obama. Soon, and you can quote me on this, soon we will be eating the bread of angels and knowing what goes on when Jim sits with his cat and sarcastically blogs about the rest of the world.


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