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I Hope So, I Really Do…

Not because I care anything about the Tea Party, because I don’t. But I honestly hope that each and every single incumbent in the country who’s running loses. I don’t mind if they’re defeated by the Green Party or the … Continue reading

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I’d Walk Out on Bill ‘The Blowhard’ O’Reilly Too

So I can’t fault anyone else for doing it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/video/video_3319.html?1287074991 Good for them. He’s just simply an intolerable, intolerant hate monger – no better than and no different than Glenn Beck.

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Bethlehem’s Bit of the ‘Berlin Wall’

With thanks to a dear friend who has recently returned from Israel, a photo taken in Bethlehem.  This surely must have been what Joseph and Mary saw so many years ago… It just smacks of wrongness for so many reasons.

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Time Magazine: Should Tennessee Firemen Have Let the House Burn?

Well, Time, I’ll give you the short answer:  NO!  That we’re even asking the question or debating the topic only shows one thing- people by and large care more about money than anything else.  It’s greed that drives the behavior … Continue reading

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Answering Your Letters…

Jim, writes Bill in Boise, where do the most well known and most loved bibliobloggers live?  Can we see pictures of their houses? Sure Bill, behold-

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The Chinese Christians and Their Struggles

    I heard this fascinating report on NPR this morning and wanted to share it with you all as I think it really something worth listening to- because it’s important for the world to speak out against China’s attempt … Continue reading

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Joe Zias on ‘Looting the Holy Land’

Joe Zias has reviewed the documentary which I mentioned the other day and opines thusly While I agree with many of the facts presented in the documentary it is in some ways very one sided and ignores much of what … Continue reading

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Ten

This is the last entry in my ten part series of excerpts from Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth (the whole series can be accessed here). In the conclusion, Casey remarks, in part To fit Jesus into his original context within … Continue reading

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In Memoriam James Barr

James Barr, one of the most exacting Old Testament scholars of the past generation, passed away at his home in Claremont California on 14 October, 2006.  It’s hard to believe that it has been 4 years. Barr is well known … Continue reading

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The Greater Manchester Police May Persuade Me to Use Twitter

Well not use it myself so much as follow their doings for the next 24 hours because, finally, it seems that twitter twaddle may actually be put to useful service (since to this point, knowing who Demi Moore is posing … Continue reading

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NPR has Banned Employees from Attending Jon Stewart’s Rally? Really?

This must be some kind of joke. NPR? Come on, this has to be Fox News, not NPR… NPR has reminded its employees that they are not allowed to participate in the upcoming rallies led by Jon Stewart and Stephen … Continue reading

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While Chile Rescued Miners, A California Mom Butchered Her Babies

The contrast could not be more dramatic. While Chile was in the process of rescuing 33 trapped miners further north in California a mother stabbed her 3 year old twin daughters to death and then set the house on fire … Continue reading

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