Insane Serbian Football Hooligans

The Italy-Serbia European Championship qualifier was called off after seven minutes Tuesday after violent Serbian fans threw flares and fireworks onto the pitch, burned a flag and broke barriers in the stands. Serbian fans also clashed with police earlier in the day and delayed the start of the match for 45 minutes. When the game finally began, more flares and fireworks were thrown onto the field, and Scottish referee Craig Thomson stopped the match. Italy could now be awarded a 3-0 victory by default. “The referee felt that the players’ security couldn’t be assured. Now it’s up to UEFA and their disciplinary procedures,” Italian football federation general secretary Antonello Valentini told state TV RAI. Italy security director Roberto Massucci was upset that the Serbian police didn’t warn of the danger from their fans.

That’s nuts.  Crazy Serbs.

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3 Responses to Insane Serbian Football Hooligans

  1. Doug says:

    Hence the term, “soccer hooligans”


  2. I think “insane hooligans” is a pleonasm, like “corrupt politician”.


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