Total Depravity: The 13 Year Old Poisoner

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A 13-year-old Florida girl has been arrested for allegedly trying to poison members of her adoptive family with insecticide and mixing dog feces into her mother’s food in a campaign that lasted more than a year, police said. The teen’s adoptive mother, Janet Tinoco, uncovered the plot when she went to the doctor for toxicology tests and physicians found traces of arsenic in her blood, police said. Tinoco told investigators she had been suffering from health problems for about a year.

Only evil motivates such behavior.

“Tinoco explained [she] recently learned that … [the daughter] has been placing insecticide in her food,” states a copy of the arrest report provided to AOL News by the Sheriff’s Office. “She also relayed that [the girl] confessed to placing dog feces in the food and putting soap in the water.” The alleged poisonings began in early 2009 and continued until April of this year, the police report said.

So horrific. How does a 13 year old even come up with such dastardly ideas? Evil.

Investigators turned the case over to the Domestic Violence Unit and the State Attorney’s Office. Authorities arrested the teen late last week and charged her with felony poisoning for attempting to poison not only her mother, but also two other members of adoptive family. Authorities could not charge the girl with attempted murder, because they would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she had intended to kill her alleged victims, WFTV reported.

It sure sounds like attempted murder to me. And it also sounds evil and totally depraved. Which it is. But of course evil knows no age.

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  1. Sounds a horrible case but apparently this child wasn’t adopted until she was 8 or 9 years old. . What Agency assessed the parents as suitable to adopt an older child from another Country and was the child properly assessed as being able to form an appropriate attachment to these adults ? Also what were this girl’s previous life experiences? There are a lot of unanswered questions here.


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