Newt Gingrinch Is Mr Spam

Mr Adulterer ‘Family Values’ Republican and former Speaker of the House and constant wanna-be candidate for higher office has exhibited his sliminess in a new way, this time offering doctors a ‘prestigious award’ if they will donate $5000 to him.

Physicians across the country were greeted these past few weeks with a mysterious fax purporting to be from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. There was some good news to share. Gingrich had settled on the 100 or so doctors who would receive his “2010 Champions of Medicine.” An email informing his staff as to who had “made the cut” was pasted on to letter heard and sent to the award winners. The subsequent pages included an invitation from Gingrich’s conservative group, American Solutions, to an election night event in Washington D.C., were recipients could take in returns and toast the beginning of the end of the president’s health care law.

For a price…  That’s spam even Hawaii wouldn’t eat.

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One thought on “Newt Gingrinch Is Mr Spam

  1. doug 12 Oct 2010 at 7:49 pm

    my wife got one to. She asked me about it and said “junk mail”.


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