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A Story On NPR To Follow

A new issue of the online magazine Inspire — from the Yemeni group al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula — has some alarming advice for would-be terrorists: Open fire on lunch-hour crowds in Washington, D.C., to “knock out a few government … Continue reading

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Seven

In his Jesus of Nazareth, M. Casey writes Taking his ministry as a whole, it is evident that he saw himself as the kind of figure who was later to be hailed as ‘the Messiah’, though he did not use … Continue reading

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The Colloquium With Maurice Casey is in Full Swing

The questions posed have been, at least to me, pretty interesting, and the answers precise and crisp.  There’s still time and opportunity to take part, if you’re so inclined.  Just sign up. And remember, we’re running our give-away for Casey’s … Continue reading

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They Did Their Best…

So casting them in a bad light or portraying their actions as anything but of the highest order is utterly inappropriate. At first, NATO blamed a Taliban bomb for the death of a captive British aid worker during an American … Continue reading

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The George Washington University Archaeological Institute

Eric Cline is in the news- and for a very good reason.  Congratulations to Eric and to his colleagues! A new research institute is drawing on GW’s expertise in archaeology. The GW Capitol Archaeological Institute, made possible through a gift … Continue reading

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A Bit More From the Documentary ‘Looting the Holy Land’

Here’s a screenshot of my friend and yours, Thomas Thompson Morag Kersel, and Raz Kletter doing their thing! I have to say, this documentary is so superior to anything that has appeared on the topic of archaeology since Finkelstein and … Continue reading

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11.5 Million Jobs Need to be Added…

If the country is to reach any sensible level of employment.  Instead of adding jobs, though, the country continues to lose jobs.  But hey, at least corporate profits are up and Wall Street passed 11,000 again.  So the recession’s over, … Continue reading

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Oh My! Now I Can Blog Via Text!

This is sweet!  Another reason WordPress is Awesome!

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Zwingli’s Sword and Helmet- And His Last Utterance

When Zwingli was killed on October 11, 1531, he wore what every Swiss soldier wore, a helmet and a sword. And in spite of Luther’s vile suggestion that Zwingli was a combatant at Kappel-am-Albis, he was in fact not. He … Continue reading

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The Palestinians Should Offer a Counter Demand

And tell Israel that it will recognize the State of Israel when Israel itself recognizes the Palestinian State and withdraws all settlers from the West Bank. After all, there’s no reason for Israel to set the agenda and force demands … Continue reading

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National Coming Out Day

I’m more than proud to come out and announce that I am unashamed of Christ and am proud to call myself a Christian.  Other Christians are proud of the fact too, I’m certain. To the haters out there, the atheists … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Hate Crime and ‘Art’

Via Matthew Raymer on FB.  Signs of the times, my friends, signs of the times.

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Birthday Greetings to James Crossley

James Crossley shares his birthday with the anniversary of Huldrych Zwingli’s death. I’ve never decided if that’s a good thing or not but there it is. So, to James, have a very Happy Birthday! James and Sheffield.

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Looting the Holy Land

This is a fascinating documentary on the way archaeological materials are being used in Israel- especially since Raz Kletter and Thomas Thompson are interviewed in it. Since 1967 countless artifacts have been unearthed and removed from the occupied West Bank … Continue reading

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The Brutal Slaying of Huldrych Zwingli

On October 11, 1531- Lest we forget.  Thankfully, our Zurichers didn’t, and so they dedicated this statue to Zwingli outside the Wasserkirche on 15 August, 1885-

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