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The 10-10-10 Marriage Boom

I think it safe to confidently assert that all those deluded souls who married today just because they thought the date ‘meaningful’ will be divorced by 11-11-11. Marrying for any reason other than the fact that God has ‘joined them together’ ensures a marriage doomed to failure from the outset. It doesn’t matter what sort of maniacal interest there is in some numerical excuse.

Total Depravity: Hatred is Not Acceptable

These kinds of things just have to stop. They have to.

Police said members of a gang that called the Latin King Goonies heard a rumor that one of their new recruits, a 17-year-old, was gay. They found the teen on Oct. 3 and then stripped, beat and sodomized him with a plunger handle until he confessed to having had sex with a 30-year-old man who lives a few blocks away, investigators said. The group found a second teen they suspected was gay and tortured him, too, police said. Finally, they invited the 30-year-old to the house, telling him they were having a party. When he arrived, they burned, beat and tortured him for hours. The attack included sodomizing him with a miniature baseball bat, police said.

I’m close to calling these thugs animals but even animals have better ethics. Animals don’t maul just for the sake of mauling. Animals have higher behavioral standards than people like these. To brutalize a teen, or anyone, because of a rumor (or even because its true) is utterly depraved and perfectly wicked and completely unacceptable. The perpetrators should be cast into prison to spend the rest of their lives and then cast into eternal flames to receive their truly just desserts.

The suspects arrested Thursday and Friday were identified as Ildefonzo Mendez, 23; David Rivera, 21; four 17-year-olds, Steven Caraballo, Denis Peitars, Nelson Falu and Bryan Almonte; and Brian Cepeda, 16. All face charges including robbery, assault and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes; Mendez, Rivera and Falu were additionally charged with committing a criminal sex act.  The eighth suspect, Elmer Confresi, 23, of the Bronx, turned himself in Saturday.

Evil resides in these people’s hearts.  An unspeakable evil that even hell won’t punish sufficiently.

Jericho’s Massive Ancient Mosaic

Visitors to ancient Jericho got a rare glimpse Sunday of a massive 1,200-year-old carpet mosaic measuring nearly 900 square meters (9,700 square feet), making it one of the largest in the Middle East.

AP Photo

The small red, blue and ochre square stones laid out in sweeping geometric and floral patterns cover the floor of the main bath house of an Islamic palace that was destroyed by an earthquake in the eighth century. Since being excavated in the 1930s and 1940s, the mosaic has largely remained hidden under layers of canvas and soil to protect it against sun and raid.

That’s quite beautiful.

Still Another Reason Not to Hug

Photo by Dorothy King- in London

Still yet another reason I’m justified not hugging people.

Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls- Available (For the Time Being)

The NatGeo store is now showing the DVD hosted by Robert Cargill as available and shipping on October 12 (Tuesday).  I think it might be wise for the interested to get theirs while they can.

It’s the best documentary on the origin of the Scrolls yet produced.

Glenn Beck Incites Violence

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005

The Faux News Channel

Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post-

“I would’ve never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there,” says this friend, Byron Williams. “And it was the things he did, it was the things he exposed, that blew my mind.”

“I do enjoy Glenn Beck,” Williams also says, “and the reason why I enjoy that is because… no other channel will speak about the same things that he’s talking about, and if you go and investigate those things you’ll find out that they’re true.”

Unfortunately for Beck, this satisfied viewer currently resides at the Santa Rita Jail near Oakland and stands accused of a freeway shootout with police. Williams pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted murder of a police officer. But according to court documents, he said he had been on a mission to kill people at the liberal Tides Foundation, which happens to be a favorite Beck target.

In August, I wrote that while it’s not fair to blame Beck for violence committted by his fans, he would do well to stop encouraging extremists. Now, Williams has granted a pair of jailhouse interviews, one with the conservative Examiner.com and one to be published soon by the liberal group Media Matters. These recorded exchanges, which I have reviewed, show precisely why Beck is dangerous: because his is the one voice in the mass media that validates conspiracy theories held by the unstable.

Glenn Beck is a dangerous man shouting fire in a theater.  The First Amendment doesn’t protect that kind of speech.  Fox is morally obliged to take his stage away from him, or they become partners with him in every crime his followers commit, just as he himself is morally responsible for every crime his sycophants perpetrate.

Pandering to the Banks, The White House Turned a Blind Eye to Abuses

South façade of the White House, the executive...

For Sale...

Remind us again, Mr President, about all that good old change you’re bringing to the way the White House does business… Because the Washington Post reports something quite different.

In recent days, amid reports that major lenders have used improper procedures and fraudulent paperwork to seize properties, some Obama administration officials have acknowledged they had been aware of flaws in how the mortgage industry pursues foreclosures. But the officials said they could take only limited action to address the danger. In part, this was because they wanted lenders’ help carrying out federal programs to modify mortgages that had fallen into default or were poised to do so.

In other words the Government knew that the banks were intentionally manipulating foreclosures, but because the White House wanted the banks help, didn’t do anything about it.

Thanks, Mr President. All that change feels great. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you did everything you could to help big business while allowing average Americans to pay the price. Nicely done.

George Beasley-Murray

Today marks the anniversary of G.R. Beasley-Murray’s birth in 1916.  He was a wonderful scholar, churchman, and friend.  He wrote a fascinating commentary on John and was the chief editor responsible for translating Rudolf Bultmann’s commentary on John into English.  No small task, I assure you.  He also wrote a massive tome on the Kingdom of God.  That’s a fine read indeed.

We met while I was a ThM student at Southeastern when George was there doing a semester as a visiting Professor.  We struck up a fast friendship and George and his wife Ruth (a really lovely and funny woman) hosted me at their home in Hove when I visited there a couple of weeks in the early 90’s.

I still miss him.  He died in 2000.  His son Paul wrote a fine little bio of the man that really captures his essence.  You’d enjoy it, I think.

Happy birthday, George!

The James Ossuary Trial: On BBC Radio

In 2002 a simple limestone burial box caused an archaelogical sensation. Inscribed on the ossuary in Hebrew were the words, ” James son of Joseph brother of Jesus.” If authentic it would be the first artifact with a possible direct link to Jesus. But as it went on display in the Royal Ontario Museum doubts were raised. The Israeli Antiquity Authority then declared it a forgery and arrested its owner. For the last five years the case has been winding through a Jerusalem court and this week the Judge retired to consider his verdict. Ed speaks to Matthew Kalman in Jerusalem, who is the only reporter to have followed the entire case in court.

Warning- though- there’s a 7 day shelf life on the audio of Matthew’s report so listen now or you won’t be able to listen at all.