True Heroes

Kelly Elementary School

My hat’s off to these totally UN-depraved construction workers who risked their own lives to save children at a San Diego elementary school. Heroes to be sure.

A gunman faces six counts of attempted murder after he opened fire at an elementary school in southern California and injured two students who were outside during lunch, authorities said… Construction workers at Kelly Elementary School detained a 41-year-old male suspect shortly after noon until officers arrived, Eppel said. Police do not suspect the man has a relationship with any students at the school. Worker Carlos Partida got into his truck and was able to knock the gunman down with the vehicle, police said in a statement. The man, dressed in black, was then tackled by other construction workers and witnesses.

God bless Carlos and his coworkers. True heroes who acted for the sake of others without considering themselves.  And they didn’t even need a gun to do it.

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