Republicans: They Prefer Strip Clubs to Mosques

Unsurprising really.  Total depravity usually trumps exhibitions of faith in the hearts of the reprobate.

A new survey from the Democratic-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling finds that more Republicans support constructing a strip club than a mosque near Ground Zero. Just four percent of Republican respondents said they support building a mosque two blocks from the site, whereas 21 percent said they would be fine with a strip club. Forty-nine percent of Democrats said they supported the mosque and 33 for the strip club. Among Independents, it was 34 percent for the mosque and 28 percent for the strip club. “This shows the extent and impact of the recent rise in anti-Islam rhetoric in our society that people would rather have some kind of establishment perpetuating immoral behavior over a house of worship [run] by people who are trying to promote morality and ethics and righteous behavior,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for Council on American-Islamic Relations.

No one can disagree with Mr. Hooper. No one honest that is.  Though to be fair let’s all agree that most Democrats feel the same way.  Neither party has a lock on depravity.

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