Et Tu, Brett-te?

Cover of "Favre"

After a while you just have to shake your head at what pro jocks are willing to do- evidently believing that no one will find out (or perhaps hoping that they will for the sake of more publicity?).  Even Brett Favre of multiple retirement and un-retirement fame has evidently decided to do something goofy and foolish.

The NFL said Friday it would review allegations involving the Vikings’ Brett Favre, who the website Deadspin said sent racy messages and photos to a former game hostess while he was the Jets’ quarterback in 2008. The league action comes one day after the site posted a video that included below-the-waist photos, said to be of Favre. The Vikings will travel to New York to play the Jets on Monday night. “We are reviewing the matter,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said when asked about reports that a person alleged to be Favre sent voicemails and lewd pictures to Jenn Sterger.

Come on, et tu, Brett-te?  We’ve come to expect that kind of thing from bibliobloggers.  But not jocks.  Surely not…

One thought on “Et Tu, Brett-te?

  1. here in the land of milk and cheese, we grew tired of this dilettantes retire or not retire. His drama that started around training camp grew tiresome. Some of us call him “Brent” in order to pretend we don’t know him.


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