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História e apocalíptica – Ensaios sobre tempo, metahistória e sincretismo religioso na Antigüidade

That’s the title of a new book by Vicente Dobroruka, and downloadable here. Vicente is in the department of History at the University of Brasilia.

Some brave soul should translate the volume into English. Emanuel Pfoh, I’m looking at you. Equinox or Gorgias would publish it I’m sure. Or maybe even the CIS.

Total, Totally Total Depravity of the Most Depraved Sort…

It seems Estee has found the secret footage I’ve been trying so valiantly to hide…  I only have one thing to say… Busted!

Estee begins his ‘Dateline NBC’ like expose as follows (after noting the well known conference attending side of yours truly) –

Until recently, Jim’s forays into unfettered depravity have gone largely unnoticed on account of his herculean efforts to hide every last bit of evidence over the years. It appears, however, that the histrionic proclivities for which he is justly (in)famous have at long last been his undoing. The advent of YouTube ultimately proved to be an irresistible temptation, and Jim evidently felt compelled to record covers of various songs for the sake of crass exhibitionism. So it was that the world first caught a glimpse of the obese, drunk, and cross-dressing Jim that emerges between academic gatherings.

He’s posted the evidence. Again, I can only say, busted… I’m… so…. ashamed….

C.H. Spurgeon Was Right About This

Our Savior did not use any means which might enlist man’s lower nature on his side. When I have heard of large congregations gathered together by the music of a fine choir, I have remembered that the same thing is done at the opera house and the music-hall, and I have felt no joy. When we have heard of crowds enchanted by the sublime music of the pealing organ, I have seen in the fact rather a glorification of St. Cecilia than of Jesus Christ. Our Lord trusted in no measure or degree to the charms of music for the establishing his throne. He has not given to his disciples the slightest intimation that they are to employ the attractions of the concert room to promote the kingdom of heaven.

I find no rubric in Scripture commanding Paul to clothe himself in robes of blue, scarlet, or violet; neither do I find Peter commanded to wear a surplice, an alb, or a chasuble. The Holy Spirit has not cared even to hint at a surpliced choir, or at banners, processions, and processional hymns. Now, if our Lord had arranged a religion of fine shows, and pompous ceremonies, and gorgeous architecture, and enchanting, music, and bewitching incense, and the like, we could have comprehended its growth; but he is “a root out of a dry ground”, for he owes nothing to any of these.

Christianity has been infinitely hindered by the musical, the aesthetic, and the ceremonial devices of men, but it has never been advantaged by them, no, not a jot. The sensuous delights of sound and sight have always been enlisted on the side of error, but Christ has employed nobler and more spiritual agencies. Things which fascinate the senses are left to be the chosen instruments of Antichrist, but the gospel, disdaining Saul’s armor, goes forth in the natural simplicity of its own might, like David, with sling and stone. Our holy religion owes nothing whatever to any carnal means; so far as they are concerned, it is “a root out of a dry ground”.

Churches today need to pay attention to the brilliant and scriptural theology evidenced in Spurgeon’s remarks.

[Quote shamelessly lifted from Michael Acidri]

I’ve Seen Churches Do a Lot of Despicable Things, But This Takes the Prize for Most Despicable

This is total depravity. The ‘leaders’ of this ‘church’ have defiled the name of Christ and have gambled away the Gospel.

Egyptian Scribes

Pretty cool little video – thanks to Chuck Jones for pointing it out.

Greek Fest 2010

At the Greek Orthodox Church in Knoxville every year they hold Greek Fest.  It’s really a fundraiser for the Church but they have arts and crafts and activities and shows and food and it’s just like a fair.  It’s great fun and we always try to go.  Here are some photos-

Today With Zwingli

On 9 October, 1523, Huldrych Zwingli published his briefest explanation of the meaning of the Lord’s Supper- De canone missae libelli apologia.  In its first printing it ran 2 folio pages and in its ‘official’ critical edition it’s just a little over 5 pages.  These little writings were called Flugschriften, because they literally ‘flew’ off the press.

What Zwingli abandons for the sake of space he compensates for in specificity.  This is the clearest exposition of the Lord’s Supper in any of Zwingli’s publications.  It has never been translated into English and isn’t available in any edition of Zwingli’s works but the Critical edition in the Corpus Reformatorum series.

True Heroes

Kelly Elementary School

My hat’s off to these totally UN-depraved construction workers who risked their own lives to save children at a San Diego elementary school. Heroes to be sure.

A gunman faces six counts of attempted murder after he opened fire at an elementary school in southern California and injured two students who were outside during lunch, authorities said… Construction workers at Kelly Elementary School detained a 41-year-old male suspect shortly after noon until officers arrived, Eppel said. Police do not suspect the man has a relationship with any students at the school. Worker Carlos Partida got into his truck and was able to knock the gunman down with the vehicle, police said in a statement. The man, dressed in black, was then tackled by other construction workers and witnesses.

God bless Carlos and his coworkers. True heroes who acted for the sake of others without considering themselves.  And they didn’t even need a gun to do it.

‘I Am Not a Witch’

Poor Christine O’Donnell- now she’s parodied by someone who isn’t at all attractive.

Et Tu, Brett-te?

Cover of "Favre"

After a while you just have to shake your head at what pro jocks are willing to do- evidently believing that no one will find out (or perhaps hoping that they will for the sake of more publicity?).  Even Brett Favre of multiple retirement and un-retirement fame has evidently decided to do something goofy and foolish.

The NFL said Friday it would review allegations involving the Vikings’ Brett Favre, who the website Deadspin said sent racy messages and photos to a former game hostess while he was the Jets’ quarterback in 2008. The league action comes one day after the site posted a video that included below-the-waist photos, said to be of Favre. The Vikings will travel to New York to play the Jets on Monday night. “We are reviewing the matter,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said when asked about reports that a person alleged to be Favre sent voicemails and lewd pictures to Jenn Sterger.

Come on, et tu, Brett-te?  We’ve come to expect that kind of thing from bibliobloggers.  But not jocks.  Surely not…

Republicans: They Prefer Strip Clubs to Mosques

Unsurprising really.  Total depravity usually trumps exhibitions of faith in the hearts of the reprobate.

A new survey from the Democratic-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling finds that more Republicans support constructing a strip club than a mosque near Ground Zero. Just four percent of Republican respondents said they support building a mosque two blocks from the site, whereas 21 percent said they would be fine with a strip club. Forty-nine percent of Democrats said they supported the mosque and 33 for the strip club. Among Independents, it was 34 percent for the mosque and 28 percent for the strip club. “This shows the extent and impact of the recent rise in anti-Islam rhetoric in our society that people would rather have some kind of establishment perpetuating immoral behavior over a house of worship [run] by people who are trying to promote morality and ethics and righteous behavior,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for Council on American-Islamic Relations.

No one can disagree with Mr. Hooper. No one honest that is.  Though to be fair let’s all agree that most Democrats feel the same way.  Neither party has a lock on depravity.