Ghastly: Al Mohler is (Partially) Right About Something

He’s right when he says Yoga isn’t a pathway to God.  No Christian could assert that it was.  But if yoga is nothing more than an exercise methodology of relaxation and stretching, who cares if Christians stretch and relax?   I don’t really think there are lots of Christians who do Yoga who think they’re growing closer to God because of it.  Instead, I think they’re just trying to stretch and bend.  The bendier, the better, right?

Come on Al, it’s exaggerations like yours which blur lines and confuse issues.  Do you really want to pitch your tent at this campsite?  Stop being so absurd and making the cause of Christ about bending.  And stop questing for publicity.  It’s embarrassing.

And please, people, don’t think Mohler speaks for all Southern Baptists.  He doesn’t.  He’s not our spokesmodel, though he pretends to be.

One thought on “Ghastly: Al Mohler is (Partially) Right About Something

  1. confuseissues 7 Oct 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Yogi was always too busy stealing pik-a-nic baskets from campers and avoiding Ranger Smith to be much help with finding GOD.


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