EJ Brill Announces New Pricing Structure

EJ Brill, well known among scholars of the bible and the ancient near east have issued a new pricing policy.  Tired of getting flack for their extraordinarily high prices, Brill has decided to price every book exactly the same.  A photo of the new pricing structure is available below.  Each Brill book now costs just, and only, that.

Brill is hopeful that the new lower prices will encourage private individuals to buy their books instead of only large and very wealthy libraries.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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5 Responses to EJ Brill Announces New Pricing Structure

  1. John Byron says:

    Now if those of us who have written for Brill would actually see some of that cash.


    • Jim says:

      exactly. that’s the worst thing about brills huge prices. authors don’t get squat. so who gets all that money? why brill does of course. frankly i dont understand why people publish with brill unless it’s just a matter of ego (not with you in mind john, but i do know other brill authors whose heads are stuck so far up their own posteriors they havent seen daylight in decades).


  2. diglot says:

    I actually thought you were being serious until I saw the photo of cash, then my hopes were dashed.


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