Lou Dobbs, ‘Mr Immigration Reform’, Is a Big Fat Hypocrite

I don’t watch Lou ‘Loudmouth’ Dobbs often because he’s a one trick pony and the one trick he constantly performs is his ‘immigration reform’ song and dance. Turns out, though, that Mr Immigration Reform didn’t even believe his own spewings.

Lou Dobbs has become notorious for his hard-line stance on undocumented immigrants–and the people who hire them. Yet, as an explosive investigation released Thursday in The Nation uncovered, Dobbs has been relying on undocumented workers for years to maintain the upkeep of his homes and of the horses he bought for his daughter. … In the article, “Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite,” author Isabel Macdonald spoke to at least five undocumented immigrants who were hired by Dobbs. Some were hired to help with the care and transport of the horse Dobbs’ daughter Hillary, who is a champion show jumper, used in her professional career.

I’m sure he’ll say ‘I didn’t know’ or some such nonsense. Sickening hypocrisy.  And hypocrisy is just another of the many faces of total depravity.

Ghastly: Al Mohler is (Partially) Right About Something

He’s right when he says Yoga isn’t a pathway to God.  No Christian could assert that it was.  But if yoga is nothing more than an exercise methodology of relaxation and stretching, who cares if Christians stretch and relax?   I don’t really think there are lots of Christians who do Yoga who think they’re growing closer to God because of it.  Instead, I think they’re just trying to stretch and bend.  The bendier, the better, right?

Come on Al, it’s exaggerations like yours which blur lines and confuse issues.  Do you really want to pitch your tent at this campsite?  Stop being so absurd and making the cause of Christ about bending.  And stop questing for publicity.  It’s embarrassing.

And please, people, don’t think Mohler speaks for all Southern Baptists.  He doesn’t.  He’s not our spokesmodel, though he pretends to be.

Eldad Keynan’s Fascinating Piece on Burial

For Bible and Interpretation is worth a look.

The body was laid in a shallow pit or on a shelf for the first year, during which the flesh decayed, while the soul underwent the purifying process. The relatives laid tree branches on the corpse, and it was also customary to leave perfume tools in the tomb or pour perfume directly on the corpse. A year after the burial, the relatives returned to the tomb, collected the bones and put them in stone boxes: ossuaries. It was a celebration: the relatives were assured that the deceased finally arrived at his proper place, under the Seat of Honor and eternal, pure life. Now they collected the bones to the ossuary, and put the ossuary in a niche, carved into the tomb wall.

Enjoy it.

Ari Shapiro’s Report on the White House’s Misrepresentation of the Gulf Oil Spill

Is just simply must reading.  Ari shows exactly how little the misleading methodology of the White House has changed from Bush to Obama.  Change, Mr. Obama?  Hardly.

The essay begins

A preliminary report released Wednesday by the federal commission investigating the BP oil spill blames the Obama administration for misrepresenting “the amount and fate of the oil” in the Gulf of Mexico. “By initially underestimating the amount of oil flow and then, at the end of the summer, appearing to underestimate the amount of oil remaining in the Gulf,” the report says, “the federal government created the impression that it was either not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the American people about the scope of the problem.”

Incompetence doesn’t even get to the heart of the matter. Gross idiocy comes closer. Listen to this-

This report by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling reveals for the first time where that 5,000 barrel-a-day figure came from. A government scientist devised that figure, and it became the administration’s operating estimate for a month — even though, according to the report, “there is no indication that the scientist had expertise in estimating deep-sea flow velocity from video data or that he used an established or peer-reviewed methodology.”

In other words, the White House got a dilettante to do the estimate. It might as well have asked me or you to do it. We could have done just as bad a job.

Read Ari’s entire report. But take your blood pressure medicine before.  The one thing you’ll take away from it: the government can’t help lying to the American people.  And when they get caught at it, act like the press is at fault.

I’m Huge in New Zealand!

According to Alexa

Zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 65,692. While roughly 60% of the site’s visitors are in the US, where it is ranked #18,286, it is also popular in New Zealand, where it is ranked #802. Visitors to it spend about 47 seconds on each pageview and a total of sixteen minutes on the site during each visit.

16 minutes per visit. That’s cool. That’s longer than most people read books published by ‘big names’. But the exciting bit is that in New Zealand, I’m #802! I finally cracked the top 1000.

Oh, and my 7 day and one month Alexa rankings?

7 day    50,448
1 month     64,376

How ya like them apples, Mark Stevens????? 😉

In the words of the famed rapper, ‘you can’t touch this!’   HA!  *Snap*.

The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Five

Our discussion with Professor Casey is just a few days off.  Here’s the fifth excerpt from his book for your consideration, in the chapter on healings and exorcisms.

Exorcism and healing were central to Jesus’ ministry. Jesus believed that in exorcism and in some other kinds of healing, he released people from the power of the devil. He thus felt the power of God working through him in this ministry.His ability was exceptional, but not altogether unique. He sent out his disciples to exorcize and heal too, and he accepted the divine inspiration of successful Jewish exorcists who did not belong to the Jesus movement. Jesus himself was the most successful exorcist and healer of his time. There was however more than that to his ministry. This is why he is never labeled ‘exorcist’ or ‘healer’ in the Gospels, either by his followers or by his opponents.

Once more, don’t forget, we’ve got a contest going offering a free copy of Prof. Casey’s book to the winner (as chosen by James Spinti and myself).

[All of the excerpts in our present series can be acquired here]

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EJ Brill Announces New Pricing Structure

EJ Brill, well known among scholars of the bible and the ancient near east have issued a new pricing policy.  Tired of getting flack for their extraordinarily high prices, Brill has decided to price every book exactly the same.  A photo of the new pricing structure is available below.  Each Brill book now costs just, and only, that.

Brill is hopeful that the new lower prices will encourage private individuals to buy their books instead of only large and very wealthy libraries.

Claus Westermann: On the Anniversary of his Birth

Claus Westermann was a biblical scholar and exegete most famous for his massive commentary on Genesis- a commentary that has never, and probably will never be surpassed in scope or erudition or, for that matter, exegetical and hermeneutical usefulness.  He was born on October 7, 1909.

Though best known for his commentary on Genesis, Westermann published a lot.  He wasn’t the sort of narrow academic who only knew Torah or who spent his life studying only one aspect of the Hebrew verbal system.  His breadth of knowledge was impressive.  A rarity in his own day and even more so these days, when overspecialization has crippled scholarship and some people know only one thing and nothing else.

Westermann’s career was long and he lived quite a long life as well, dying on June 11, 2000.  Lest we forget…