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Quote of the Day

In 100 years the only place you will find any reference to Glenn Beck is in Texas textbooks. — David Amos

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A Random Post For Mark Stevens…

Just because I’m, above all other things, an encourager!

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Robert Cargill on Greek Minimalism

Good work, Robert!  😉

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A New Addition to the ‘Useful Sites’ Links

Is the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University.  Check it out.  It sounds like a very fine, and very important, project.

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Lou Dobbs, ‘Mr Immigration Reform’, Is a Big Fat Hypocrite

I don’t watch Lou ‘Loudmouth’ Dobbs often because he’s a one trick pony and the one trick he constantly performs is his ‘immigration reform’ song and dance. Turns out, though, that Mr Immigration Reform didn’t even believe his own spewings. … Continue reading

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Ghastly: Al Mohler is (Partially) Right About Something

He’s right when he says Yoga isn’t a pathway to God.  No Christian could assert that it was.  But if yoga is nothing more than an exercise methodology of relaxation and stretching, who cares if Christians stretch and relax?   I … Continue reading

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Eldad Keynan’s Fascinating Piece on Burial

For Bible and Interpretation is worth a look. The body was laid in a shallow pit or on a shelf for the first year, during which the flesh decayed, while the soul underwent the purifying process. The relatives laid tree … Continue reading

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Ari Shapiro’s Report on the White House’s Misrepresentation of the Gulf Oil Spill

Is just simply must reading.  Ari shows exactly how little the misleading methodology of the White House has changed from Bush to Obama.  Change, Mr. Obama?  Hardly. The essay begins A preliminary report released Wednesday by the federal commission investigating … Continue reading

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I’m Huge in New Zealand!

According to Alexa Zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 65,692. While roughly 60% of the site’s visitors are in the US, where it is ranked #18,286, it is also popular in New Zealand, where it is ranked #802. Visitors … Continue reading

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Five

Our discussion with Professor Casey is just a few days off.  Here’s the fifth excerpt from his book for your consideration, in the chapter on healings and exorcisms. Exorcism and healing were central to Jesus’ ministry. Jesus believed that in … Continue reading

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EJ Brill Announces New Pricing Structure

EJ Brill, well known among scholars of the bible and the ancient near east have issued a new pricing policy.  Tired of getting flack for their extraordinarily high prices, Brill has decided to price every book exactly the same.  A … Continue reading

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Oh I’m Excited!

I’ve found the sceletium tortuosum I mentioned the other day at Amazon, in tea form.  Nice!  When it arrives and if my moodiness improves and my stress relieved you’ll be the first to know.  Well, the second.  I’ll be the … Continue reading

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Claus Westermann: On the Anniversary of his Birth

Claus Westermann was a biblical scholar and exegete most famous for his massive commentary on Genesis- a commentary that has never, and probably will never be surpassed in scope or erudition or, for that matter, exegetical and hermeneutical usefulness.  He … Continue reading

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