Mothers Who Have no Business Being Mothers

State police have cited two southwestern Pennsylvania moms for allegedly arranging a fight between their daughters. Trooper Christopher Newman told the Herald-Standard of Uniontown that 30-year-old Crystal Lynn Hall, of Uniontown, and 31-year-old Audrey Schreckengost, of Adah, have been cited for disorderly conduct. Police said the fight happened about Sunday night in a Georges Township home where Hall invited Schreckengost. Police said the women wanted their daughters, ages 11 and 12, to fight and that Schreckengost brought another 14-year-old girl with her. Police didn’t say if she was also a daughter.

What’s wrong with people? Why they’re totally depraved, of course. Some are just more totally depraved than others. Like Mother Hall and Mother Schreckengost.

But more importantly, such stupidity proves Darwin and the atheists completely wrong.  Ignorance of the sort exhibited by these ‘mothers’ surely would have been weeded out by now were evolutionary theory true.


One thought on “Mothers Who Have no Business Being Mothers

  1. Craig 6 Oct 2010 at 2:45 pm

    And to think I grew up near Uniontown. Makes me glad I got out of that area.


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