Getting Santa Out of Christmas

Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas, considered by m...

With thanks to Joel for the tip- MSNBC reports

A group of German Catholics wants to do away with Santa Claus because of the fictional figure’s commercial hype and replace him with St Nicolas and the selfless giving they say he represents. Even before shops fill with Santa-themed goodies, the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics — a Catholic aid organization — has begun calling for “Santa Claus-free zones.” The organization sees Santa as “an invention of the advertising industry designed to boost sales” and as “a representative of consumer society” who has little to do with the historical figure of St Nicolas. Its website describes Nicolas, the patron saint of children, as “a helper in need who reminds us to be kind, to think of our neighbors, and to give the gift of happiness.” The campaign is supported by several German celebrities.

Why not. Here in the States our secularized, atheist-ized, and paganized society has managed to get Christ out of Christmas. Oops, I mean out of ‘Winter Holidays’. So I agree with our German friends, get Santa out too. After all, if Christmas doesn’t need Christ, it surely doesn’t need St. Nick. St. Nick Christmas without Christ is as sensible as Jenny Craig as the food director at an anorexia clinic.

Down with Santa, up with Jesus.

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6 Responses to Getting Santa Out of Christmas

  1. Patricia says:

    As a Christian what I find even more distasteful than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny is the way Christians are now wasting millions of pounds or dollars on Halloween every year. It used to be a fairly low key event here in the UK but has become increasingly Americanized and unpleasant over recent years. Interestingly a very narrow minded Baptist acquaintance of mine, who disapproves of almost everything and everybody, doesn’t seem to have a problem with Halloween because the American Baptist missionaries he worked with in Zaire in the 1960s celebrated it with their children!! .


  2. Doug says:

    I hate halloween also.


  3. Saint Nicholas can indeed be a source of inspiration. He teaches children that it is good to share things without expecting something back. I confess that of all medieval catholic cults, he is the one I can still find significant (plus Saint Frances of Assisi).

    I wrote this article on Nicholas, and I believe it is worthy of some attention, if only because there’s an interesting link to the events of 1776.


    The development from the bishop of Myra to a marketing device is essentially a summary of western thinking about wealth.

    1. Saint Nicholas embodied the Catholic attitude that rich people must generously share their riches with the poor, because God had not created the difference in wealth;
    2. after the birth of Calvinism, which does not condemn profit as such, Dutch Protestants continued to celebrate the feast of Sinterklaas, although as secular folklore. As a censor of moral behavior, he appealed to their uneasiness about their immense wealth;
    3. finally, Santa Claus is an icon of Capitalism.


  4. Eric Chamblee says:

    Ok, but if you try to take me Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph, thems fightin words….


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