The Most Disturbing ‘How They Get Here’ Ever

I’m constantly baffled by the search terms which people use to find their way here.  Today, the ‘winner’ of the most bizarre is

masturbation jim west zwingli

I can only think that Roland Boer lost the link and needed to find it again.  Otherwise, there are some very, very strange people afoot.

10 thoughts on “The Most Disturbing ‘How They Get Here’ Ever

  1. Paul D.

    @Mark Stevens: lol

    That’s not entirely a strange search string, though. Some poor sap who’s been harangued about self-gratification too many times from the pulpit decided to go see what the eminent Jim West had to say on the subject.


  2. Frank Emanuel! I’ve tried searching for your blog with weird phrases before, but I never in a million years could have come up with something that awesome. Now I want to go see what searches (perverse and otherwise) led folks to my blog.


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