Loveland, Colorado, Remove that Offensive Trash From Your Exhibit

I’m in one accord with the author of this opinion piece.

Christians have rights and they had best assert them regarding a government-funded exhibit, at a Colorado museum, that depicts Jesus receiving oral sex from a man. No way should Christians have to tolerate this, any more than Muslims should have to tolerate a government-sponsored burning of the Quran. Nobody, but nobody has suggested government insult that which is sacred to Muslims. Yet, when a private, unknown southern preacher planned to burn Qurans on Sept. 11 the result was a plea for respect and civility from the president of the United States, the secretary of state, various other levels of officialdom, The Gazette and most of the media establishment. Christians should at least expect Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter to ask Loveland city officials to remove the offensive painting from their taxpayer-funded wall in the Loveland Museum/Gallery. If they don’t heed this call, Ritter should demand a return of the $8,500 the state gave to the museum in July, and any other money recently given to the museum by the state.

Indeed, either the city should remove that little piece of reprehensible misrepresentation and insult or it should commission an artist to depict Mohammed in the same position, and Buddha, and Joseph Smith, etc.

The painting, titled “The Misadventure of the Romantic Cannibals,” is the work of Stanford University art professor Enrique Chagoya , who did not return The Gazette’s phone calls. It’s on display through Nov. 28, and some who have seen it say it’s outright pornography.

Which it is. I’m tired of this kind of anti-Christian ‘it’s ok if it offends disciples of Christ but we can’t offend anyone else’ social sickness. Our society, along with ‘artists’ like Chagoya, is completely depraved.  Do your part and contact the ADL and tell them to remove that piece of blasphemous filth from the publicly funded exhibition.  (Via Stephen Smuts).