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All You Evangelicals Who Love Glenn Beck…

You’re doing nothing other than hearing a false Gospel and embracing it and its exponent.  And you need to know it, and stop it.  And that’s not me, that’s Scripture.  Read it for yourself- εἴ τις ἔρχεται πρὸς ὑμᾶς καὶ … Continue reading

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Everything There is to Know About the James Ossuary Trial in One Place

And it’s all put together by Matthew Kalman, who has been covering the trial (he’s a journalist) since the very beginning.  The James Ossuary Trial Jerusalem is very much worth a read.

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Oh That Every Sensible Woman Would Act Sensibly

Like this very sensible soul did- A 35-year-old man was charged in Missouri with possessing marijuana after his girlfriend called 911 and said she was tired of him smoking pot all day instead of working. Dispatchers in the southwestern Missouri … Continue reading

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The Most Disturbing ‘How They Get Here’ Ever

I’m constantly baffled by the search terms which people use to find their way here.  Today, the ‘winner’ of the most bizarre is masturbation jim west zwingli I can only think that Roland Boer lost the link and needed to … Continue reading

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Will the Gospel of John Become the Foundation of a ‘Fourth’ Quest for the Historical Jesus

The Sheffieldians don’t seem to think so while Paul Anderson does seem to think so.  So this is quite a conundrum: on the one hand we have M. Casey’s new volume questing for an Aramaic Jesus and Michaels describing (in … Continue reading

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An Observation: On Me

Sometimes my desire to be liked tamps down my willingness to speak forthrightly.  I hold back more than I should.  I feel guilty about it.

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Exclusive: The James Ossuary Trial is OVER

And the judge is considering a verdict. After 5 ridiculously long years, the trial of the century, which took almost that long, is over. The indictment leveled 44 charges of forgery, fraud and deception against Golan and 13 lesser counts … Continue reading

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Today’s Students…

Are, according to this guy, ‘aggressively inarticulate’.  True enough, but students aren’t the only ones. Via Craig Martin on FB

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No Wonder The Biblical Archaeology Review Has Completely Ignored the Verdict in the Golb Trial

They’ve been busy promoting Simcha ‘The Not Naked and Certainly Not an Archaeologist’ Jacobovici’s foray at Qumran rooting into toilets.  Thanks, BAR, for reaffirming my dim and getting dimmer view of your work, efforts, and motives.

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Burn Baby Burn

A smoldering rage may be all that remains after Gene Cranick’s home burned to the ground last week in Obion County, Tennessee. Firefighters are usually the bold “veni, vidi, vici” sort, but those from neighboring South Fulton could only say … Continue reading

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Three

This excerpt comes from Casey’s discussion of the ‘Jesus Seminar’- The methods adopted by the Seminar were however sufficient to prevent these aims [i.e., the aim of discovering the Historical Jesus- J.W.] from being achieved. In the first place, some … Continue reading

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More on the Zacchaeus Tree in Jericho: Signs of the Times

I was reminded this morning that Joe Zias had sent me a photo of the Zacch tree a few years back, with a sign in front of it.  Such signs prove the historical veracity of sites, as we all know- … Continue reading

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Loveland, Colorado, Remove that Offensive Trash From Your Exhibit

I’m in one accord with the author of this opinion piece. Christians have rights and they had best assert them regarding a government-funded exhibit, at a Colorado museum, that depicts Jesus receiving oral sex from a man. No way should … Continue reading

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