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Justin Bieber Exposed… on the Onion

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile With thanks to Bob Cargill for this important tip.

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A Couple of ANE Books

First, James Pritchard’s ANET is being republished (!). And second, Manfried Weippert has published a new volume that sounds loads of fun. It mus be ANE day.

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Irony, Thy Name is A Spanish Whore

“Peter was humble and kind. The Spanish players are arrogant divas who treat me like a whore.” — Monica Mint (19-year-old, 1,000 euro-per-night Spanish hooker who ‘entertained’ Peter Crouch in Madrid last July). (Via Matthew Kalman) What on earth is … Continue reading

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I Was Fired By Abercrombie and Fitch For Eating at the Wrong Time…

Ok it wasn’t me (in the words of Nelly), but could anything illuminate the darkness of our youth obsessed beauty driven culture better than the fact that an A&F model was fired for eating when he wasn’t supposed to?  Depravity. … Continue reading

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The Saddest Thing I’ve Heard in a While

While chatting with a friend who teaches Pre-K I learned something really sad.   She said that this year of the 18 children (4 year olds) in her class, only 5 lived in a household with both mother and father.  … Continue reading

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Fret Not Blogdom, McChewbacka And I Are Of One Accord… Bullying Homosexuals is Evil

James and I, I think are on the same page on this issue.  So let me say this as clearly and precisely as possible: demonstrations of hatred, harassment, cruelty, or bullying are never, ever Christian.   Ever. This does not mean … Continue reading

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Mark Matson on the ‘Priority of John’

You can read Mark’s thoughts on the question of Johannine priority here.  And if John isn’t your thing, Mark has a paper on sexual sin too (and other interesting topics as well).  I know that got your attention. Mark teaches … Continue reading

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Classless Chuck Cecil

Chuck Cecil is exhibit a in classless tackiness for teaching every kid watching yesterday’s game that being tacky and vulgar is expected in sports.  Will he be fined?  Reprimanded?  For some reason I doubt it. Vulgarity and pro sports (and … Continue reading

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt Two

The second excerpt from Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth concerns the rise of the study of the Historical Jesus during the Nazi era. This is, for me, one of the most engaging and interesting parts of the book. But of … Continue reading

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The Conviction of Raphael Golb: The Manhattan D.A.’s Press Release

Is available here.  Here’s the core of it As proven at trial, GOLB used dozens of email aliases to engage in a systematic scheme via the Internet to influence and affect debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls. GOLB created these … Continue reading

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On Playing Darts With Flys: A Parable

Sometimes seeing things a different way causes difficulties…

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But Tim, Scholarship is a Commodity

Tim’s got an interesting question concerning the issue of accessing scholarly production, in response to Evan’s mention of subscription prices for publications: Evan and Jim have responded vigorously to my post below: Secret societies: biblioblogging in Religion Bulletin. Evan points … Continue reading

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Chris Tilling and Other British And Aussie Bibliobloggers Sing Lady Gaga

In this video you’ll see Chris singing lead and Mark Stevens and James Crossley and the entire Sheffield Biblical Studies Department (among others) singing Lady Gag’s Bad Romance. And you thought they were too busy with coursework to blog. Ha. … Continue reading

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