Dying For a Job: The Palestinian Killed on His Way to Work

So sad.  What’s with the ‘shoot them dead first and then find out what they’re doing’ attitude?

Israeli police shot and killed a construction worker from this West Bank village Sunday after he used a rope to scale a towering wall meant to keep Palestinians from sneaking into Israel, police and a witness said. The victim, Izzedine Kawazbeh, a 35-year-old father of five, was part of a group of Palestinian construction workers trying to enter Israel without permits when he was killed in east Jerusalem near the West Bank separation barrier.

Let’s face it friends, who among us wouldn’t hop a fence in order to get to a job so our families wouldn’t starve? Border walls are meaningless when lives are at stake. Oh, well, I guess not though. I suppose John Hagee and his kindred are throwing an ‘I’m glad he’s dead because he was just a lowly Palestinian and he doesn’t deserve to provide for his family’ party at this very moment.

The victim’s cousin, Mohammed, 22, said his relative was shot from close range and without provocation. He said about 100 workers from villages near the West Bank city of Hebron climb over the separation barrier at a particular spot once a week, head for jobs on Israeli construction sites and return to their villages for the weekend. “We climb on each other’s shoulders to the top of the wall, and we tie the rope, then descend to the other side,” Kawazbeh said. “We usually choose (Saturday) midnight, because there are no soldiers and security. We move to a nearby place, a hill, where we stay until the morning,” then travel by bus and on foot for several more hours to various construction sites.

So much for ‘let justice roll down like waters…’ – a summons by one of those pesky Old Testament prophets who clearly didn’t have any idea of political necessities.  Meanwhile, settlers in the West Bank continue to build against UN mandate, making those actions illegal (not to mention immoral and unethical).

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4 Responses to Dying For a Job: The Palestinian Killed on His Way to Work

  1. arenmaeir says:

    it is very sad and a true tragedy for his family. Do note the other sides of the story – the wall not only stops people going to work (but this is not it’s main reason) – but quite successfully it has stopped the suicide bombers from coming thru (AND THIS IS THE MAIN REASON FOR THE WALL).
    And, at least until one of the versions is proven correct, the other version of the story, told by the police, is that the man was killed while struggling with a policeman, and you should not only mention the family’s version.



    • Jim says:

      i agree with you. it is sad. and there are doubtless two sides of the story. there always are. and im glad bombers are being stopped. but i sure do wish you guys could solve your problems so that you can do what the germans did- tear down that wall and coexist.


  2. Eric Chamblee says:

    Tragic in the true sense of the word: his own actions brought about his death. Senseless, useless.
    But when you know that you will be shot for doing something and you still do it……


  3. Eric Chamblee says:

    And darn Israel for building housing for its’ own people on Israeli land.

    The UN? Seriously? The same UN that gave Sudan a seao on the human rights panel while they carried out genocide in Darfar? The same UN that allowed Koffi(sp?) and his pals to pocket BILLIONS in aid monies? They have NO legal or moral authority to tell anyone anything.


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