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Who’s Buying the Mid-Term Election This Year?

Or to put it more politely, what special interest groups are pouring money into candidates laps this cycle? For the week ending September 26, groups spent a total of $15,495,362, with $10,620,174 on behalf of Republicans and $4,875,188 on behalf … Continue reading

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Deane Galbraith on Job

In a paper titled Would You Condemn Me That You May be Justified? Why yes, Deane, I certainly would! But that’s not what the paper is about. In this essay, Galbraith examines Jean-Francois Lyotard’s concept of the differend and its … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Drunks Babysit

This is what they do to manage children: Now that’s depraved. In an especially disturbing case of child abuse, a teenaged mother near Lincoln, Nebraska after a night of intoxication taped her 22-month-old baby boy to the wall with her … Continue reading

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Dying For a Job: The Palestinian Killed on His Way to Work

So sad.  What’s with the ‘shoot them dead first and then find out what they’re doing’ attitude? Israeli police shot and killed a construction worker from this West Bank village Sunday after he used a rope to scale a towering … Continue reading

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Gosh Tim, If You Want a Copy of Mine All You Have to do is Ask…

You don’t have to go all conspiracy theory postal!   😉

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The Casey Colloquium: Excerpt One

Our discussion with Maurice Casey on his very soon to be published volume commences in a week so this week I’m going to begin posting excerpts- so participants (and others) can get a sense of where Casey is coming from … Continue reading

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I’m Always Vigilant When I’m in Europe

And I’m not about to stop going just because cowardly terrorists plan slimy attacks.  I refuse to give them the one thing they want most- fear.  So I’ll return to Britain in January for SOTS (DV) and if something happens, … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

On 3 October, 1529 the Marburg Colloquy ended and the attendees signed the 15 Marburg Articles.  On 14 there was decisive agreement.  On the 15th, hardly any.  Naturally the 15th was the article on the Lord’s Supper.  You can download … Continue reading

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Well George Clooney, You’re Dead to Me

A shocking allegation has been made by American movie actor, George Clooney, which is sure to upset millions of religious believers around the world. In a film written and directed by Clooney, he claims that the Roman Catholic Church and … Continue reading

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Oh Look, It’s the Actual Tree Zacchaeus Was In!

Tourists, visit Jericho and see the very tree that Zacchaeus was in!   No kidding…  Z. must have carved his initials in one of the branches.  Otherwise how would they know it was the right tree?  Unless…  that is…. they’re just … Continue reading

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Sceletium Tortuosum? Well Sign Me Up!

For hundreds of years, indigenous South Africans have chewed a plant they say reduces stress, relieves hunger, sedates and elevates moods. Now they have a license to study and market it, and plan to sell it over-the-counter worldwide. Researchers say … Continue reading

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