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My Niece Is Moving…

And so she’s been looking on Craigslist.  Evidently she didn’t think to ask me what I think of Craigslist.  If she had, I could have warned her that people who post of Craigslist tend to be stark raving lunatics.  The … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The History Channel is the Dollar General of Educational Programming… — Joel Watts One could even mutate it a little and say Biblical Archaeology Review is the Dollar General of Archaeological publishing… In fact, it’s a very useful analogy for … Continue reading

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That’s A Jewish Rabbi Who Doesn’t Know His Stuff

He apparently thinks Islam is the oldest religion… He must have gone to the wrong Seminary. One of those ‘we don’t know bupkis about history’ schools. Listen to this Jewish Rabbi who agrees with Islam. He confirms and admits that … Continue reading

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On Bibliobloggers: An Observation

I don’t want to embarrass anyone by naming names (see, I can be nice) – but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that a number of our bible blogging brethren manage only to mention their own … Continue reading

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Atheists Won’t Protest This…

They only protest Christianity.  Have you ever noticed that?  Buddhism?  Nah.  Judaism?  Nah.  Taoism?  Nah.  Druidry?  Nah?  Christianity?  Oh yeah they’re all over it.  Ehrman and Avalos and Dawkins and Hawking and the other angry atheists never say a bad … Continue reading

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The Bulletin for the Study of Religion ‘Blogging Issue’ is Online

You can access it here.  I mentioned it earlier here.  Of course it’s filled with fascinating pieces which I’m sure will throw some into a near tizzy of rage.  Which is what makes it all worthwhile.

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Leading up to the Maurice Casey Colloquium

You can read (limited parts of) his book ‘Is John’s Gospel True?‘ on Google books.

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A Couple of Interesting Essays in the Latest CBQ

Tom Thatcher’s Cain and Abel in Early Christian Memory: A Case Study in “The Use of the Old Testament in the New” is must reading for anyone interested in the OT in the NT side of things.   Unsurprising really since … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday: What Are Bibliobloggers Doing Today?

Pretty shocking behavior… you’ll have to admit. I’m so ashamed of them…  No wonder none of them are #1.

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