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The New York Post Report of the Verdict

In the trial of Raphael Golb- A Manhattan jury tonight threw the good book at an Internet bully who stole identities of his dad’s scholarly rivals and waged a cyber crusade against them. The panel deliberated for less than five … Continue reading

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Robert Cargill Responds to the Raphael Golb Verdict

And he does it in good Cargill-ian style.  Don’t miss a word of it.

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Raphael Golb Has Been Convicted!!!!

Raphael Golb has been convicted! A New York lawyer has been convicted of using online aliases to influence scholarly debate over the Dead Sea Scrolls. A Manhattan jury convicted Raphael Golb Thursday of 30 of 31 counts against him. Golb … Continue reading

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The Trial of Raphael Golb: The Washington Post Report

The WP reports this afternoon Jurors in a Manhattan case are trying to decide whether a son posing online as a Judaic studies professor to avenge his father’s scholarly work was guilty of identity theft. … Assistant District Attorney John … Continue reading

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The End(s) Of Historical Criticism?

Want to decide for yourself the state of the discipline?  Legaspi’s new essay at Bible and Interpretation lends a hand. It commences The term “historical criticism” is problematic. On the one hand, it designates a very specific set of practices … Continue reading

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The End of the Trial of Raphael Golb and The Impending Verdict

A Manhattan prosecutor has asked jurors to set aside the history and drama behind a forgery case involving the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, and focus on evidence that shows a lawyer and writer is guilty of identity theft. … Assistant … Continue reading

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Colloquium Announcement: Maurice Casey’s ‘Jesus of Nazareth’

On the 11th of October and running through the 18th of the month the Biblical Studies List will host Prof. Maurice Casey who will be discussing with us his very soon to be published volume Jesus of Nazareth: An Independent … Continue reading

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Lawrence Schiffman’s Thoughts on Raphael Golb

Yesterday in an interview with NYU Local, Lawrence Schiffman offered a few thoughts on the doings of Raphael Golb. “The case has nothing to do with the Dead Sea Scrolls,” said Professor Schiffman in an interview. “Obviously it’s in the … Continue reading

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The Oxford Psalms Conference…

May become an annual event? Possibly. Viv Rowett has written The Oxford psalms conference, though now a past event, continues to attract interest, and SOTS members can be assured that there are plans to make the proceedings accessible. The conference … Continue reading

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It Was Self Defense

And she was right to protect herself from the brick-hurling thugs. A South Side woman shot and wounded a 12-year-old boy Tuesday after weeks of being “terrorized” by the child and his friends, who threw bricks at her home, set … Continue reading

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People Can Be So Very Cruel: Consider, Before you Act, the Law of Unintended Consequences

And sometimes their cruelty has astonishingly unfortunate and negative effects. A Rutgers University freshman took his own life last week shortly after he was broadcast engaging in sexual activity with another man. According to WPIX, … 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, jumped … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement

COMMUNICATION, LANGUAGE AND POWER IN THE ACHAEMENID EMPIRE: The correspondence of the satrap Arshama, via Viv Rowett of SOTS. Oxford: October 2010 – July 2011 — The essential aim of this project (which is funded by the AHRC Research Networking … Continue reading

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