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Total Depravity: The Mom Who Faked Her Son’s Cancer to Raise Money


A Warren woman told her 12-year-old son he had cancer, shaved his head and eyebrows, drugged his applesauce and then held fund-raisers in his name to bilk people, Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said today. Smith said in a statement that his office has authorized warrants against Carol Lynn Schnuphase, 47. She is scheduled to be arraigned in 39th District Court in Roseville on Friday, he said.

I certainly hope they take her son and give him to someone who will love and care for him and not use him as a free meal ticket (like so many welfare recipients do with their own children, Yes – some people on public assistance insist on having more children simply so they can get more money. I’ve seen it happen over and over and over- and such persons are as totally depraved as Carol Schnuphase).

But, shockingly

In the meantime, she is not in custody and plans to turn herself into police Friday morning before the arraignment, Roseville Deputy Police Chief James Berlin said. The prosecutor said the warrants are for a count of second-degree child abuse and two counts of taking money under false pretenses. The child abuse charge carries a penalty of four years in prison and the false pretenses charges are five-year felonies. The woman allegedly committed the crimes when she lived in Roseville, Smith said.

She should already be in jail without any opportunity for bail.

The saddest thing of all here is that she’s just one of doubtless countless ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ who have done the same thing and just not been caught, yet.

Conference Announcement: Creation and Chaos

The Midwest Branch of the American Oriental Society will be hosting a symposium entitled “Creation and Chaos: Reconsideration of Hermann Gunkel’s Chaos Kampf Hypothesis”. The meeting will be held from Feb. 11-13, 2011 at Olivet Nazarene University, in Bourbonnais Illinois (about 1 hour by Interstate 57 south of Chicago).

The meeting will begin Friday evening with plenary speeches by Wilfred Lambert, Wayne Pitard and Bernard Batto. The symposium will continue on Saturday with papers already committed by the following scholars: R. Averbeck, S. Holloway, G. Rubio, J.A. Scurlock, K. Sonik, B.D. Thomas and A. Tugendhaft.

The plan is to produce a volume of the conference papers and to include papers by others such as Mark Smith, who were not able to attend. We would be happy to consider other papers on Mesopotamian, Ugaritic, Israelite, and their neighbors’ beliefs concerning “Creation and/or Chaos” with or without reference to Gunkel. Please send abstracts to JoAnn Scurlock joanns@elmhurst.edu, and cc r-beal@uchicago.edu.

Via Jack Sasson

Quote of the Day

It is disturbing that Abraham was willing to argue, bargain, even plead with God over the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18,23-32) but not over the sacrifice of his own son. — Moshe Reiss

If You’re About To Eat, or Have a Weak Stomach, Don’t Look

That’s what happens when Chris Tilling takes up baking!!!!  He bakes a mouse in the bread…  Let’s call it Mouse-in-a-Roll!  I’m feeling pretty peckish now…

The Theocratic Republic of Texas Strikes Again

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There’s too much to abstract, you’ll just have to read the whole essay, which has to do with a book fair in Texas where the author has been banned.  Yes, in Texas, they ban books and authors.  No point in letting people read and think for themselves or in letting them listen to someone who might share different ideas.  That’s the new Texas state motto I think.  It should be, anyway, if mottoes are determined by ideologies.

“Banning authors isn’t the same as banning books, but the intent is the same,” says Hopkins, whose most recent novel, Fallout, the final volume of her Crank trilogy, just debuted at number five on The New York Times series list. (The Times Bestseller Series Books list is devoted to series of three or more.) The trilogy (which also includes Crank and Glass) has been lauded by educators and reviewers alike. Its popularity among teens is rooted in her pull-no-punches storylines that tackle such issues as crystal meth addiction, teen prostitution, suicide and incest.

Yes, heavens, you don’t want all those unwed highschool pregnant prom queens across Texas reading such things like that! It might corrupt them…

I don’t get Texas.  Sometimes I wish we could forget the Alamo.

‘Love’ (Eros) Alone is No Basis for Marriage

Emil Brunner rightly asserts that

… monogamy is the only possible union of the sexes which does justice to the personal need for full community.

Hence, marriage (naturally between persons of the opposite sex) is societally significant as it serves as the foundation for all other proper communities.  Where there is no community, there is no society.

But the basis of monogamous marriage cannot be ‘love’ (Eros) as that term is usually understood.  Brunner continues a bit further on

Where marriage is based on love all is lost from the very outset.

But how can such a thing be asserted?

The lover cannot guarantee that his emotion of love will be either permanent or directed solely to the one person: such a marriage, because it is only possible as a hypothesis, is broken the moment it has been concluded; or rather, it never existed.

Our fascination with and addiction to ‘individualism’ is at the root of modern culture’s misunderstanding of the purpose and strength of marriage.

It is this subjective individualism, more than anything else, which has caused the present crisis in marriage.

Marriage, theologically understood, is community and the foundation-stone of all community.  That is why it’s important, and that’s why it matters.  Marriages based on commitment to the other are marriages that are biblical.  Marriages entered into for the sake of self fulfillment or self satisfaction (or lust) are doomed and no marriage at all.

In short, marriages rooted in αγαπη are true marriages (and since αγαπη is rooted in God and given by God, only those marriages established by and in God qualify as true).  Marriages, on the other hand, rooted in ερος, are rooted in self and since so, doomed to fail, doomed to be truly inauthentic.

Oh Canada: Moral Turpitude

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Maybe Canada can replace Thailand as the go-to destination for the totally depraved. It’s on track to.

An Ontario court has struck down key provisions in Canada’s prostitution laws in a case that could set a precedent for the country. Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada, but the court struck down three provisions that criminalized most aspects of it. Communicating for the purposes of prostitution, pimping and operating a brothel were decriminalized under the court’s ruling. Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel ruled Tuesday that the dangers prostitutes face far outweigh any harm which may be faced by the public. Himel said the laws set up to protect prostitutes actually harm them.

Nice, huh… Well this fills me with a measure of relief since it shows that American Judges aren’t the only ones devoid of sense.

Blondes… God Help Them

Watch Raphael Golb’s Testimony

On the video here.  It speaks for itself.

The Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian

Is now online.

Der Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae ist eine Publikationsplattform, die das Akademienvorhaben Altägyptisches Wörterbuch an der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften im Internet zur Verfügung stellt. Im Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae wird ein digitales Corpus von Texten in ägyptischer (auch demotischer) Sprache zur computergestützten Recherche publiziert. Die Lemmatisation und morphosyntaktische Annotation des Textmaterials erlauben die gezielte Recherche unter lexikalischen, philologischen, linguistischen und kulturhistorischen Fragestellungen. Den Texten ist stets eine fortlaufende Übersetzung beigegeben, die insbesondere Nichtspezialisten und Forscher benachbarter Disziplinen bei der Orientierung im Material unterstützen soll.

A fantastic resource!

Zwingli’s First Mass

Huldrych Zwingli was ordained to the priesthood in 1506 and celebrated his first Mass in that same year, on the 29th of September, at his home town of Wildhaus.  Less than 10 years later (in 1515), after having come to a more mature understanding of the Bible, he began his turn towards his Reformed perspective.   Here are some scenes from Wildhaus, including the house in which Zwingli was born and the environs in which he grew to maturity.

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No Surprise Here: Homosexuality on Television

Television with Antenna

“The Good Wife” is getting a gay brother; new teen TV show “Hellcats” features a lesbian cheerleader; and as for “True Blood” — TV watchers now need two hands to count the vampires who will suck the blood of either gender. The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters on prime time U.S. television is growing, with 58 regular LGBT roles on network and cable shows this season, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) said in a report on Wednesday.

The ‘normalization’ of homosexuality in society has been an ongoing process for many years now, in spite of the fact that homosexuality is in fact not at all ‘normal’ or ‘natural’.

GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios said the increase in gay and lesbian characters on TV reflects “the shift in American culture toward greater awareness and understanding of our community.” “The recent critical and commercial success of shows like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Glee’ clearly indicate that mainstream audiences embrace gay characters and want to see well-crafted stories about our lives,” Barrios added.

It isn’t awareness and understanding that’s the goal, though, it’s acceptance of homosexuality as a lifestyle as valid as heterosexuality. Doubtless homosexuality is already viewed as ‘normal’ by a majority in America, which only demonstrates America’s distance from the clear (and it is clear) teaching of Scripture on the proper meaning of sexuality.

By the way, no modern theologian has done a better job of outlining the biblical doctrine of sexuality than Emil Brunner (in ‘The Divine Imperative‘, Book III, Section 2).  In the opening paragraphs of that section, Brunner maintains that if the Church doesn’t address the issue of the Christian concept of marriage, its entire ethic will be of no use.  That’s how centrally he viewed the issue.  It’s a shame most Christians haven’t bothered to read it.  Consequently, culture is merely reaping what our indifference has sown.

4Q381, Fragment 104 Deciphered

Courtesy of Soren Holst, via Kasper Dalgaard-

Frg. 104 likely translation: [Ji]m[ West]?

It seems that the authors of the Scrolls knew I would exist. But what did the rest of the Scroll predict of my life? I wish I knew…