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A More Complete Edition of the Testimony of Raphael Golb

Can be found in the Seattle Times (of all places).  It includes such testimonial gems as Golb testified that he made up all the names he used in his Internet debates, even if they were names of real people who … Continue reading

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How Long Will America Kow-Tow and Cower Before ‘Fearsome’ Israel?

I think that’s a more direct way to pose the question than that offered by the Mail Online, whose headline, Netanyahu refuses to extend freeze on building in the West Bank in a humiliating snub to Obama, seems a bit … Continue reading

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More on the Appearance of Raphael Golb in Court Today

Attorney Raphael Golb, center, is seen outside the courtroom with his attorney Ron Kuby, left, during a recess in his trial at Manhattan State Supreme court, Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, in New York. Golb is on trial on criminal charges … Continue reading

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Ken ‘Crass’ Kratz is Resigning

Good. A Wisconsin prosecutor facing removal from office over accusations that he used his position to seek relationships with women will resign instead, his attorney said Monday. Attorney Robert Craanen said Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz will step down … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: Big Brother

I find this so utterly absurd and offensive that I am at a loss for words. Broad new regulations being drafted by the Obama administration would make it easier for law enforcement and national security officials to eavesdrop on Internet … Continue reading

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Dear God, Make it Stop…

These things have to end. They just have to. A South Florida man spared his two biological children when he fatally shot his estranged wife and four stepchildren early Monday before turning the gun on himself, police said. Seven children … Continue reading

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FBI Cheaters

When you can’t trust FBI agents to be honest, you know you’ve got a problem. Law enforcement’s high water mark just sank to a new low. And while we’ve become accustomed to corruption in local police departments and State Police … Continue reading

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Today at the Trial of Raphael Golb

According to one unconfirmed report (by a supporter of Raphael Golb), Golb is alleged to be testifying today in his own defense.  If so, then there surely will be some news outlets offering accurate accounts of his testimony later on … Continue reading

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SBL Event: Remembering Hanan Eshel

SBL Event Remembering Prof. Hanan Eshel (1958-2010) — The Qumran Section of the Annual SBL Meeting in Atlanta is hosting a session to celebrate the life of Prof. Hanan Eshel on Monday 22nd November 2010, 6-7 pm in International 8 … Continue reading

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The British Library is Making its Greek Manuscripts Available Online

One of the world’s most important caches of Greek manuscripts is going online, part of a growing number of ancient documents to hit the Web in recent years. The British Library said Monday that it was making more than a … Continue reading

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10 States Sell 50% of the Guns Used in Violent Crimes Nationwide

Nearly half of the guns that crossed state lines and were used in crimes in 2009 were sold in just 10 states, according to a report being released Monday by a mayors’ group. Those states accounted for nearly 21,000 guns … Continue reading

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Noah’s Raven: Or How Rubbish Becomes ‘History’

A delightful essay in the Guardian today shows just how easy it is for ‘history’ to be constructed with nothing but rubbish for materials.  I commend it to your attention.  It surely shows biblical scholars that they need to be … Continue reading

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