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Fleecing the Sheep: Peddling ‘Noah’s Ark’

Ark searches have been conducted on Mount Ararat since 1829 to no avail, until the promising discovery of wood by this NAMI team. Scientists maintain that tree growth and human settlement have never taken place above an elevation of 9,000 … Continue reading

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A New (to Me) Dutch Humanist Biblioblog

Here.  By, put on your seatbelt, a woman!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly- there are women bibliobloggers!!!!  It looks pretty interesting (thanks Translate.Google.com) but the blogroll is grossly tiny and occupied by only one or two worthies.  Still, since it’s … Continue reading

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A Mower Went Forth To Mow: A Newly Discovered Parable of Jesus

Archaeologists have unearthed, authenticated, and published (in the Review of Biblical Archaeology and Other Near Eastern Things For Which We Sell Advertising Space Hawking Illegally or Questionably Obtained Antiquities) a fragment of a newly discovered parable of Jesus which they’ve … Continue reading

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The Easy Answer to Internet Racist Comments

Moderate comments, that’s how simple it is. Although you rarely hear racial insults on Main Street these days, there’s a place where unashamed bigotry is all too easy to find: tossed off in the comments sections of some of the … Continue reading

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What the Eddie Long Case Teaches Us About Unaccountable Pastors

There’s a really insightful essay up today which should be read by everyone in every Church across the United States and around the world. It includes such important observations as [P]astors and experts say the Long case demonstrates how vulnerable … Continue reading

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Leave Christine O’Donnell Alone

It’s getting to the point, no, it has gotten to the point where all those wishing to make Christine O’Donnell look like some kind of fringe kook (which she may or may not be, that’s not the point) are instead … Continue reading

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Bono’s ‘Charity’ Isn’t At All Charitable

The ‘One‘ foundation uses only a tiny, tiny fraction of the money it receives for actually doing charity.  If they get a dollar, just over a penny has been used for doing good, this shocking report discloses- Bono’s anti-poverty foundation … Continue reading

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The Eddie Long Saga Just Keeps Getting Stranger and Stranger

The Associated Press reports today on the LongFellow Academy, which Eddie Long oversees. For instance Long, himself a stocky and muscular man, demands the students run 2 miles in less than 15 minutes and bench press and squat their weight. … Continue reading

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American Injustice Strikes Again

Lindsey Lohan, ordered to jail, has been released, of course.  After serving mere hours of a month sentence. Lohan had been denied bail but the judge’s ruling was later overturned. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been freed, hours after a judge … Continue reading

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