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The Truth About Bloggers as Characters From Glee

The other day Mark Stevens scandalously accused yours truly of being Kurt from Glee. Hardly. Furthermore, he even said that Marc ‘Can’t Spell Mark’ Cortez was Mr Shue! Ha! We all know that I’m way cooler than Marc.

So my crack team of investigators sallied forth and followed Mark Stevens around for a day and along with him Joel Watts and Marc Cortez and the Unabomber Jeremy Thompson. Here’s the photo that was snapped. I don’t know what kind of place they’re in but the complete absence of women causes me more than a little concern.

Why so worried, Mark?

Today at the Trial of Raphael Golb

The news hasn’t reported anything but there was testimony and the trial is in fact continuing.  Some of the most important testimony will take place tomorrow and the case will wrap up shortly thereafter.

When the decision comes down I’ll post it.  I’m more than confident that the jury will find R. Golb guilty on all counts and a clear message will be sent to all those who assume the identities of others, cower behind anonymity, and wage battle from the cover of darkness, assasinating the characters of others because they wrongly believe they won’t, or can’t, be found out.  Yes they can be, and yes they will be.

That’s Odd, Facebook Seems to be Down

At least here it’s down.  Which is odd.  Or maybe someone’s outraged that a stupid movie has been made about it and they hacked it.   A good reason for doing so if ever there were one.

UPDATE:  Yup- now the news is reporting the worldwide horror of Facebook’s destruction.  People are being forced to work!  Heavens, when will the horror end????  When will James McGrath be able to point us to another science fiction bit or someone tell us they’ve gone to Taco Bell for dinner?????  Alas…

Wondering if Facebook is down? It’s not just you! Users have been reporting issues accessing Facebook, and the website DownRightNow reports that a “service disruption” is “likely.” DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com also confirms that Facebook is currently down. According to DownRightNow, as of 3:30PM ET, the last status change was 51 minutes ago and the “last widespread service disruption” occurred an hour ago. TechCrunch points out that Facebook’s downtime has taken the Internet’s Like buttons with it: This is a problem not just because the site is down, but Facebook’s omnipresent Like button is also completely down, so the entire Internet (or a good percentage of it) is feeling this pain.

Frankly if WordPress goes down I’m truly bothered. But Facebook’s down-ness doesn’t bother me at all. I just don’t care, actually. And if it went down permanently I wouldn’t lose a second’s sleep.

UPDATE II:  It’s back.   I’m so excited.  Now I can ignore those more than annoying Farmville requests.  Come on people, do I really look like a person who has the patience to farm?

Backing up and Installing BibleWorks 8 on a New Computer

Like many of you, I enjoy BibleWorks. It’s a fantastic program with excellent features and a very fine tech support staff. However, not being a techie like some, I need specific help for such things as backing up and installing. Which is why I’m happy to pass on to others what the good folk at BibleWorks have shared with me. So, here are the questions I asked-

1- can i save the entire folder to a flash drive and install it with all the updates and everything on a new computer just by copying the folder in its entirety to the new hard drive?

if not

2- what are the step by step directions in simple (idiot proof) language which will allow me to save everything ive downloaded so as not to have to download all the updates again?

And here is the very helpful answer from Mark at BibleWorks-

A. Number 1 cannot be done. BibleWorks must be installed to a computer. To simply copy the BibleWorks folder to another computer will not allow the program to establish proper connections that allow it to work properly.

The installation process however can be expedited by copying the content of your BibleWorks discs to a flash drive and installing from the flash drive is that would be more to your liking. That will eliminate the need to read each disc during the installation process. Please see the step by step instructions found here:

Can BibleWorks Be Installed on a Computer with No CD or DVD Drive? http://kb.bibleworksllc.com/ikb/questions.php?questionid=64

B. As for backing up your previously downloaded updates and moving them to a new installation of BibleWorks this can be done.

1. Navigate to c:\program files\BibleWorks 8\patches.
2. In the patches folder you will find a folder named applied. Right click on and choose the option to copy the folder. Then navigate to a location on your computer where you wish to save the backup of the applied folder.
3. Copy the backup of the applied folder to a CD or flash drive to move the file to another computer.
4. On your new installation of BibleWorks copy the backup of the applied folder into the patches folder. If there is no patches folder in your BibleWorks 8 folder, create a folder in the BibleWorks 8 folder and give it the name patches, then copy the applied folder into it.
5. Once the applied folder has been copied into patches, open BibleWorks and choose Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for Updates.
6. Click on Options | Show downloaded patches so that it is checked.
7. Apply the highest numbered version of the BibleWorks Executable as an individual update, do not apply any earlier versions of the BibleWorks Executable.
8. Click to apply other updates, making sure to exclude earlier versions of the BibleWorks Executable.
9. When you are finished applying updates, in the BibleWorks Updates window choose Options and uncheck the Show downloaded patches option.

That is the process as I conceive it. I would typically counsel against this (simply to avoid creating problems if something is done incorrectly, it may be a tall order to make a workaround process like that error proof as you suggested, please let me know if I can clarify anything). I would instead suggest that when the program has been released for about a year or more, one install BibleWorks, activate it, then apply the updates via the Internet in this sequence as it establishes the update of the main program file first and then by updating in smaller groups, you are operating in shorter bursts rather than a long extended download of everything:

1. The BibleWorks Executable
2. Groups of 10 or so updates at a time particularly if a large update like the church fathers update is one of the group of 10.

Christianity Would Be Better Off…

If it had fewer adherents rather than more.  The reason is simple- the Church is the best kind of wine until water gets added.  The more water one mixes with wine, the less wine there really is.  Water down the wine enough and before long there isn’t anything left of it but a little smell.

Only Jesus can turn the water of apathy into the wine of commitment.  But once he does, it’s the best wine of all, reserved for the guests after they’ve already become inebriated on the rubbish watered down grossness they’ve become accustomed to.

But until he does, all the guests can expect is wine unfit for drinking and more useful for pouring onto the ground.

Thus, until the Church has Jesus, it has nothing worth having at all, even if it does have massive buildings and dynamic speakers and gullible congregations.  It is water, and not living.  It is poisoned water from a dead well.

Keeping the water away from, and out of, the wine is the pressing duty of every Christian.

Eddie Long- ‘Mentor’

Mentor Bishop Pastor Reverend Eddie Long has taken teenage boys on trips as part of his ‘mentoring’ program, according to the news today.

In lawsuits filed this week, three men who were members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church claimed Long coerced them into sexual relations with gifts including cars, cash and travel when they were 17 or 18 years old. The sprawling church in suburban Lithonia counts politicians, celebrities and the county sheriff among its members and hosted four U.S. presidents during the 2006 funeral of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King. One of the claims in the lawsuits is that Long had sexual contact with the young men, who were enrolled in New Birth’s ministry for teen boys, during trips he took them on in the U.S. and abroad. Gillen said the travel was part of a mentoring program that other young men also participated in. “The mentoring process involving travel is not exclusive to the three plaintiffs making these allegations,” Gillen said.

Don’t cry for the Bishop though, when he discusses the situation Sunday at ‘his church’ the place will be packed out and the offering will no doubt be astonishing. And if he denies the allegations he will be believed by many and if he admits it he will immediately be lauded for his bravery in confessing the truth of his homoeroticism. Whatever happens, in other words, he’ll come out on top… probably with a book and movie deal in hand.

That because in modern Christianity there’s no such thing as Church discipline anymore.  You can do whatever you like and the Church won’t say a word about it because, well, it needs you.  So instead of teaching repentance and restoration it teaches tolerance and acceptance of any and all behaviors.  Shacking up?  No worries.  Have a baby before you’re married?  So what.  Carrying on an affair?  No big deal.  Having sex with dogs?  Hey, that’s your business…  Such is the ‘message’ of Christianity in America.

So Eddie’s in the majority, really.  He is the Church in most part.  Because the Church has so accommodated itself to the world that you can’t tell it from the Lion’s Club anymore.  To its eternal shame.

The Tel Dan Stele, Again

Hallvard Hagelia, Professor, Theol. Dr., Ansgar College and Theological Seminary, Kristiansand, Norway, has a new essay at Bible and Interpretation discussing the Tel Dan stele. It’s actually a very nice summary of the state of the question at present. I commend it to your attention.

Texas Thinks Textbooks Are Anti-Christian

The Texas’ State Board of Education – following a long history of throwing itself into “culture war” issues – is set to vote Friday on a resolution calling on textbook publishers to limit what they print about Islam in world history books. The resolution cites world history books no longer used in Texas schools that it says devoted more lines of text to Islamic beliefs and practices than Christian beliefs and practices. “Diverse reviewers have repeatedly documented gross pro-Islamic, anti-Christian distortions in social studies texts,” reads a draft of the resolution, which would not be binding on future boards that will choose the state’s next generation of social studies texts. The measure was first suggested to the board this summer by Odessa businessman Randy Rives, who lost his Republican primary bid for a seat on the panel earlier this year. The conservative-leaning and heavily evangelical Christian board pushed the item to a vote.

Well not having read any Texas social studies book, ever, I can’t comment on their content. But I do know that if Texas wants to purify itself then it can start by purging the Christian Zionists (who are true heretics) along with their leader John Hagee; the heretic (non-Trinitarian) TD Jakes; and the reprehensible prosperity guru (not preacher) Joel Osteen from their territory.

If the Christians of Texas are concerned so much with authentic Christianity, they should worry less about social studies books and more about christian doctrine as taught in their three largest and most heretical churches and they can start by not attending or supporting them in any way.

Yes, Texas, drive Osteen, Hagee, and Jakes into the sea and then you’ll be better off.

Join the Zwingliverein

And do it today.  You know you want to.

11 Year Old Murderer

An 11-year-old girl helping her mother baby-sit has been charged with murdering a 2-year-old, who suffered blunt-force trauma to the head, torso and buttocks, Georgia authorities say. Police in Sandy Springs, just north of Atlanta, are holding the girl, whose name was not released, in juvenile detention after issuing warrants charging her with felony murder and child cruelty, The Associated Press reported. Ashlea Collier, the toddler’s mother, said she left her daughter with a co-worker and the co-worker’s daughter. When she came to get Zyda White after getting off work, the child was lying in bed, her eyes wide open and her skin turning blue, WSBTV in Atlanta reported.

Here’s the eye opener-

“She needs to do life,” the weeping mother said of the 11-year-old. Collier said the girl told her that Zyda had fallen out of bed. The girl put Zyda back to bed and gave her apple juice. “That was it,” Collier said the girl told her.

What’s wrong with people?  The 11 year old brutally killed a 2 year old.  Prison for life is the only suitable punishment (short of execution, which wouldn’t be proper in this case).

New Books Worth Reading

Theologischer Verlag Zurich (photo by me)

From the Theologischer Verlag Zurich-

Traditionsreiche Reihe – neu aufgenommen: Die Reihe «Theologische Studien» stellt aktuelle öffentlichkeits- und gesellschaftsrelevante Themen auf dem Stand der gegenwärtigen theologischen Fachdebatte profiliert dar. Im ersten Heft der neuen Folge «Reformatorische Theologie im 21. Jahrhundert» geht Ulrich H. J. Körtner folgenden Fragen nach: Was ist unter reformatorischer Theologie zu verstehen, und welche Potenziale bietet das Erbe der Reformation für die Gegenwart?


Das Motiv einer Gottheit, die ein Schlangenmonster bekämpft, ist in verschiedenen Kultur­räumen zu finden. Anna-Katharina Höpflinger untersucht in ihrer religionswissenschaftli­chen Arbeit «Schlangenkampf» Bilder und Texte dieses Motivs anhand von Quellen aus dem griechischen und altorientalischen Kulturraum.

In North America, Eisenbrauns is the TVZ distributor.  TVZ is one of the finest, really, publishers in all of Europe, consistently producing excellent materials at very, very reasonable prices.

Luther: On Proper Preaching

Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach. The Protestant...

“One should preach about things that are suited to a given place and given persons. A preacher once preached that it’s wicked for a woman to have a wet nurse for her child, and he devoted his whole sermon to a treatment of this matter although he had nothing but poor spinning women in his parish to whom such an admonition didn’t apply. Similar was the preacher who gave an exhortation in praise of marriage when he preached to some aged women in an infirmary.” — Martin Luther

Kiwis Toss Possums…

I guess they live too close to the pot burning police station.  But for whatever reason, our New Zealanders thought it would be a great idea to engage in a possum tossing contest.

A New Zealand school that staged a possum-throwing contest came under fire from animal protection groups Wednesday for encouraging students in the “morally wrong” practice. The contest, in which students swung possum carcasses over their heads and hurled them across the playground, was unacceptable, the New Zealand Royal Society for the Protection of Animals said.

Ok I’m not so sure it’s morally wrong, but it sure qualifies as stupid, and gross. But here’s the bizarre bit (!)

He said if students were taught that throwing around possums was acceptable, they could do the same to pets such as cats.

Cat tossing? What’s wrong with that?

Possums are protected in their native Australia but regarded as a pest in New Zealand, where the population exploded after they were introduced in the 19th century in an attempt to start a fur trade.

What? Possum fur? Oh Kiwis… what a strange lot you southern hemispherians are. Weird, weird, weird.  Here in the South the only time you see possum is when they’re dead in the road.  The only good possum is a dead possum.  But we don’t swing ’em over our heads and toss ’em.  We help ’em meet their goal of death by running them down when they dart out in front of us.  As nature intended.

The United States Needs to Leave Afghanistan Today

A Hospital Corpsman attached to the 3rd Battal...


And let the Afghans work out their own problems.  U.S. policy in Afghanistan is as bankrupt as the US Treasury, and involvement in Afghanistan is completely pointless.  Completely without merit.  Completely without purpose.  So the Administration of President ‘We Will Get our Troops Home Soon’ Obama needs to listen to the sage advice of Mr. Hoh –

Matthew Hoh, a former Marine Corps captain who served in Afghanistan, says the U.S. has been doing counterinsurgency since 2004 and that the current strategy is just more of what has failed over the past few years. “I have a list of quotes from every commanding general since 2004 in Afghanistan, assuring success, assuring that victory is one year away, they just need some more troops and some more time,” he says. Hoh, now a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and the director of the Afghanistan Study Group, says sinking more resources into Afghanistan is counterproductive. “As every year we add more troops or spend more money, the Taliban grow in size, and support for the Karzai government decreases, and the conflict gets worse along any measure you want to measure, whether it’s IEDs, civilian casualties, coalition casualties,” Hoh says.

Karzai and his government are thieves. The Afghans are nationalists who no more want foreigners occupying their country than Americans would like Mexican troops patrolling our streets. And tossing money to the inept General Petraeus is as pointless as flattering North Korea’s fantastic economy.

Get out. Get out today. And if they send terrorists, bomb them back into the stone age and let them rebuild themselves. That would bring their ‘terrorist threat’ to a grinding halt.